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Tag Heuer TAG HEUER CAR2110 Carrera 1887 self-winding watches sm [used]
Auction ends 22 hours
Current price ¥210,000 $2,026
Start price ¥210,000 $2,026
Buy-now ¥210,000 $2,026
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller bestbuy_net +4047
Condition Used
Start time 2020-02-15T22:54:35+09:00
End time 2020-02-22T22:54:35+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number l526173140
Seller position Daito-shi, Osaka-fu

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Product information
Product name Tag Heuer TAG Heuer Ref.CAR2110 Carrera 1887 self-winding watches
condition B: Some of the dirt, there is a flaw state felt a little feeling
«Ranking table»
N: New, unused and all accessories included
S: Goods bought out in the same condition as new
A: Slight shallow scratches, dirt, but very beautiful condition
B: There are some stains, scratches, and some feeling of use
C: Outstanding dirt, scratches
D: considerable feeling of use, dirt, scratched condition
Product status / description
Case / Breath Overall there is a thin scratches.
Windshield / dial It is in a beautiful state.
Notices There a mechanical inspection have a product. The inner box there is a deterioration.
Product specification / content
brand Tag Heuer
Genre Men's Watches
Model number, serial number Ref.CAR2110 · RUQ5 ***
size Case diameter: 41mm
Arm around maximum: 18.5cm
Color Dial: black
Case: Silver
Breath: Silver
Material Case: SS
Breath: SS
accessories · Our warranty
·instruction manual
Within box (deterioration Yes)
·Outer case
specification Movement: Automatic
Flat location measurement: +1.0 sec / day (time Grapher measurement)
OH history: Not
Product inquiries
Kinguramu Suminodo shopPhone number: 0120-126-701
E-mail address: suminodo@kingram.jp
Opening hours: 10:00 to 19:00
Closed: Tuesday
Please be careful
・ This product is sold at stores in stores. We have made every effort to ensure stock management, but please forgive me if you are out of stock by any chance. ・ If you are viewing on a smartphone, please consider purchasing after you check the details on the PC version. -Because of shooting with a digital camera, the actual and color appearance may differ. In addition, 2-3 days may be given for product shipment. In advance, please understand.
About us watch warranty
[Warranty Period and content]◆ 10 10,000 yen or more ... 1 year of mechanical guarantee
◆ less than 100,000 yen ... of the 6-month mechanical warranty
◆ 3 10,000 yen or more ... the first battery exchange Free (Free shipping)
(Manufacturer specs of a high waterproof function can not be guaranteed)

- there is no problem in the quality and functional with the case of our after-sales service department has determined. - quality and functional tolerance and visual state shop sales service unit determines. • Customer or intentional negligence or improper usage by a third party other than our shop,. • If the customer has been remodeling of external orders by if the shop has determined. If you make repairs and adjustments other than our shop, against failure and damage caused by the above-mentioned. - carelessness or failure or damage due to improper handling. Case, belt, windshield, failure or damage to the exterior, such as crown. · Core, Tianjin, damage, such as a spring. ・ Failures and malfunctions caused by moisture in the machine. Fire, flood, failure or damage caused by accident or natural disaster. And non-presentation and the loss of warranty, or if the rewrite was observed in warranty.

  • Warranty is valid only purchase in person, if you have inherited from others will be covered by the warranty. The warranty will not be reissued, so be careful not to lose it.
  • Even within the warranty period, repair shop has been determined that there is no need, in the case of performing the adjustment in at your request, you will be charged.
  • In the case of antiques, there is a commodity that can not be repaired at the manufacturer.
  • Since the antique and in part USED commodity there are times when you are using alternative parts, please understand.
  • Repair has passed the warranty period, the mailing cost of adjustment and the like will be taken as a visitor burden.

※ There is a commodity that can not put our security. There is a commodity out of our security interest by commodity. Please acknowledge not because the case is not described as "our guarantee" to the accessory field is our guarantee items excluded.

※ online shopping, with respect to mail order, unlike the door-to-door sales and catch sales, because it does not set forth in the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions (Specified Commercial Transaction Law), thank you to acknowledge it beforehand because the cooling-off does not apply we will.

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