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H2548 ☆ ★ ☆ dark blue leather paint specially painted leather sofa, bag, shoes, good effects such as clothes 30mL ☆ ★ ☆ ☆
Auction ends 15 hours
Current price ¥980 $10
Start price ¥980 $10
Buy-now ¥1,980 $20
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller xyibn25220 +118
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-03T02:37:51+09:00
End time 2020-07-03T21:37:51+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number l584997262
Seller position overseas

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This product is not available in size or color.
[Product Description (Please note for the translation sic)] 1. This is a new eco-friendly leather paint that can be used for leather sofas, clothes, bags and shoes. 2. At 30ml per bottle, it has a good effect on leather.
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The burden of Shipping
This shop is 1500 yen All Products shipping uniform (nationwide uniform)
Normal delivery from abroad, it many cases takes more than 5000 yen, and is suppressing the shipping because it has a large contract of "no international flights follow"!
※ by the storage conditions of the stock, you do not have your support in the bundled with other products (the same also including products).
(Shipping will occur for each product that has been successful bid. )
If a successful bid of one item from our store = shipping 1,500 yen
If you bid two items from our store = Shipping 3000 yen
If you bid for three items from our store = Shipping 4500 yen
Not please successful bid on who you agree always on the content of the following.
About a mailing cost and goods
Since this shop exhibition by irregular, also will end as soon as no longer goods, those who under consideration is we recommend the successful bid of your early.
From Hokkaido to Okinawa, the shipping fee will be uniform across the country.
The item does not come in the correspondence by the bundled by the storage conditions of the stock (the same also including products). Therefore, if our multiple successful bid, shipping also will occur the number min Please note that.
※ Because it is an oversea product, there are parts that are somewhat making sweets. Please refrain from the bid of a direction or the more nervous one ask for perfect goods.
Only those who have been convinced by the bid-ask.
shipping method
No international flights tracking ★
Because you are dealing a large number of products in-house warehouse, pick-up inspection work of the product is made to order.
Therefore to "shipping notification", so we have gotten your time as the average one week, not please approval beforehand Ryo.
Transport from overseas Unlike the transport of Japan, it will take a very your time.
※ Most of the products are, "shipping notification" after 30 days, but is within many cases to arrive, transport from overseas are subject to irregular delays. Please note not that it may take up to 6 0 days until the arrival to the product from "shipping notification" (2 months) according to the commodity.
★ for the full money-back guarantee
If the product did not arrive at hand in the "shipping notification" than the maximum 60 days (2 months), so I will return surely the full amount + carriage of goods cost money, please do not worry.
Since there is no precedent that the goods did not arrive in 60 days up to now, we hope you'll be patient if you patiently.
Please refer to the following for the number of arrivals and warranty.
• This shop is to realize the offered at a low cost, all goods, do not put the tracking service (or guarantee of product).
- Therefore, you have the throne even if you give me a rare to contact us tracking number and transport situation in the transaction, Please note not transport means is that it can not answer for the "no international flights follow".
Please bid on always consent to here.
• If there was a defect in the successful bid goods in the shipment before the inspection, please rest assured that we will refund the full amount of the commodity price (including shipping).
All of the goods with a handling in our shop, because of shipping from overseas our own warehouse, we have realized the provision of inexpensive.
Therefore, it will take your time a little to arrive, and so thank you will be dating with responsibility to the last.
Because there is a problem in the case and dispatch be delayed due to the influence of customs clearance procedures and the weather we will promptly to the corresponding If this occurs, please refrain from the contact of a sudden, bad evaluation.
method of payment
Yahoo! simple settlement (details)
★ Other notes
- After a successful bid, since the case, such as can not contact is in the rare, thank you for the bid of only those who can pay in within 72 hours.
Differences in size and shape, image differences, etc., please understand that we can not respond to returns at customer convenience.
· We will ship after we have inspected the item after it makes a successful bid. Because if a problem or the like occurs in the product we will refund the full amount of the commodity price (including shipping), please do not worry.
And product is, it will be stored in overseas, there is a case to find a defect in the product at the time in very rare cases inspection. Because if the defect is found, there is a case where I am allowed to "stop the transaction" (full refund) not please approval beforehand Ryo.
【About the question】
Since there may be only description of item there is a case where information is missing, something not please you if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
As quickly as possible, we will answer no later than 24 hours.
Thank you for reading for me until the end.
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