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カナヘイさんサイン入りイラストバッグ全体 直筆サイン入りイラストバッグサイン拡大 カナヘイさんサイン入りイラストバッグ裏面 直筆サイン入りイラストバッグ拡大 カナヘイさんプロフィール画像


◆ ◇This product is charity◇ ◆
This product is sent to the charity category.
The successful bid price of this product removes Yahoo! Auctions! Guideline detailed expenses,
Slightly donate to the following donations after payment from the customer.
· Names of donations: Non profit organization AIDS orphan support NGO · PLAS
· Donation Application: Living support to families with AIDS orphans in Uganda, Kenya, Uganda
We will help us for other support activities.
· Donation scheduled date: May 10, 2021-December 2021 (possibly possible)
(Depending on the account for the successful bid price) (due to the same donation account for the successful bid air payment account and support activities)
◆ ◇カナヘイさん直筆サイン入りイラストバッグ◇ ◆
Thank you for your help and cooperated with the purpose of AIDS orphan assisted charity.
>> AIDS Orphan support Charity A short product list is available at the charity auctionHereis.
◆◇カナヘイMessage from her ◇ ◆ ◆
PLASさんのエイズ孤児支援活動を応援しています. こどもたちのために、微力ながら私のできることでご協力できればと思います.
◆ ◇ Product Details ◇ ◆
※ We are posted on this page 2nd-order use of images and resale of successful bid products hardly refuse.
If you participate in the bid of this charity auction, be sure to read the lower "to biders" before bidding.
When had you bid, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the following conditions.
◆ ◇ About sales ◇ ◆ ◆
This auction sales are all donated except for the exhibition fee in NGO PLAS, unique non-profit corporation AIDS orphan
It is used for African AIDS orphan support activities.
◆ ◇ について About activity of AIDS orphan support ◇ ◆ ◆
Of these, about 80% is concentrated in Saharan South Africa, including Kenya Uganda, which is PLAS's activity site.
In Japan, it is an issue of low awareness AIDS, but including Kenya Uganda, which is the activities of the association
Saharan South African countries have become a major issue.
AIDS Orphans have complex issues such as poverty, discrimination, mental pain, can not receive education.
This auction's revenue is in two countries of Kenya Uganda through AIDS orphan support NGO · PLAS activities
We will be important for support projects such as AIDS orphans implemented.
Specifically, we will use it within the activities of PLAS, such as a living business for HIV-positive single mother.
>> The details of AIDS orphan supportFrom here
◆ ◇ AIDS Orphan support NGO · PLAS (plus) ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
Specific Non-Profit Activities AIDS Orphan Support NGO · PLAS
Under the vision of "Aim to be a society where the left behinded child is a positive"
I am active in the Republic of Kenya, Uganda, East Africa.
The details about PLASHerePlease refer to the.
◆ ◇ 【To the bidders】 ◇ ◆ ◆
If you are participating in this charity auction, be sure to read the following description column before bidding.
If you bid, it is assumed that you agree to the following conditions.
In addition, I refuse the resale of the second use of the image published on this page and the successful bid goods firmly.
After a successful bidder, we will send mail to the successful bidder about the transaction information after a successful bid.
Information E-mail If you can not contact you the day after the arrival, please cancel after a successful bid
We will say "Delete by the convenience of the successful bidder".
In this case, because that would automatically with a bad evaluation from the auction system, please understand.
If the successful bid price is not transferred by the date when the seller is designated by the seller, the same correspondence will be made.
[About the mischief bid]
Please check the following to prevent a mischief bid.
If the following actions can be confirmed, it is judged as a prank, and bid cancellation or notification may be made to Yahoo! JAPAN.
In line with Yahoo! Auction Guidelines, Yahoo! JAPAN may take measures such as Yahoo! JAPAN ID usage restrictions.
Please be aware in advance.
· Bid at the amount determined to be pranks that mischief is likely to occur
· Bid of those who have negative evaluation by the successful bid cancellation
· Questions not related to exhibit
· Coubler rejection at the bid price when it becomes a successful bidder candidate
※ If you series of mischievous bid, there are times when a person other than a maximum amount tenderer may become a successful bidder candidate. Please be careful.
※ If you would like to bid at over 500,000 yen, please bid for email contact information of 8 pieces of information below.
1) Yahoo! JAPAN ID:
2) Product name to bid:
3) The planned highest bid:
4) Name:
5) Address:
6) Phone number:
7) Yahoo! JAPAN ID E-mail address registered at the time of acquisition:
8) Hope Contact Information (Email Address):
※ Please note that the bid cancellation may be performed even if there is a defect in the information and information.
The personal information provided will be used for successful bid intention and product delivery.
Also, in order to check if it is an incorrect bid, operate auction service,
You may be provided to Yahoo! JAPAN. We do not use for other purposes.
[Please note the wire fraud]
A large number of cases are reported to talk about sellers of charity auctions and try to work fraud.
Yahoo! Auctions! If you become a successful bidder (substitute successful bidder) of the next point,
There is no retention of a successful bid unless the seller does not delete the top successful bidder.
If you receive a suspicious email with the seller, please refer to the product details page of the corresponding product
Please check that your own ID is displayed as a "successful bidder".
Please take a look at this for more information.
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