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□ New Unused 20 x 4.0 Fat Bike Orange / Beach Cruiser 21 Slow Up Bicycle Road Bike Extreme Tire Mountain Bike □
Auction ends over
Current price ¥13,500 $133
Start price ¥1 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller evib0952 +266
Leader 8*a*6***
Condition New
Start time 2021-06-21T08:59:44+09:00
End time 2021-06-23T21:59:28+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number l694255618
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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□ New Unused 20 x 4.0 Fat Bike Orange / Beach Cruiser 21 Slow Up Bicycle Road Bike Extreme Tire Mountain Bike □
Description of item
· Powerful power of NO1 4.0 Value Tire Fat Bike!
It is definitely noticeable even if you do not choose a place. 【Color】
20 inches × 4.0 tire
【Shift gear】
21-stage shift
Booster disc brake
Front high performance suspension
· For overseas, security parts etc. are not attached, the creation and accuracy is rough, and there are a lot of damage at the time of transport, and there are many degradation.. · Although the exhibition image is taken in a state where it is handed up, the shipping product is out of state where the wheel, handle, pedal, accessories, etc. are deviated (each is included in the factory default). · It will be an outlet product that had a scratch or some defect before shipment.. · For shooting, it is a temporary constraint once, but we will be an amateur for assembly. · There is no manual, but I was able to combine in the form of myself. · There are differences in scratches etc. individually depending on the supplied state. · If you arrive the product, you will need to tighten each place and adjust. · We will send out the image of the image, so please confirm the scratch and the like in the image.. · Please understand because there is no warranty for fine performance etc.. · Because myself is also an amateur, the construction method etc. will be no support. · I think that it is better to adjust the brakes and transmissions by yourself. · Because the stand of the stand is long, please use a little bent and adjust and adjust after. · The successful bidder should respond to the assembly. · Because of large products, it may take some time to shipping. Please note. · If there is a place where you are concerned, please ask questions. · We strongly recommend a professional person such as maintenance, adjustment.
※ Please be sure to read it after reading and convinced, please bid, make a successful bid
· As there are many people who can cancel the successful bid without reading the product description after a successful bid in foreign countries, so please bid only those who can understand Japanese firmly. · After a successful bid, please enter the delivery information within 24 hours. If there is no input, we will delete it with the successful bidder convenience. · As there are many bid deletion requests after bid, we will strengthen your purchase intention and then bid. Please note that we will not respond even if you have requested a bid removal in the future. (Although it is often said that the wrong bid has been made, I do not know the meaning of bidding incorrectly in the first place)
· After a successful bid, it will be deleted by the successful bidder convenient if you do not pay within 72 hours. ※ If you exceed 72 hours, you will respond if you can contact me?. · If canceled after a successful bid, it will be supported as a cancellation fee for ¥ 3000 if you pay. ※ Because Yahoo! Auction system fee will take place. If you do not pay, you will be deleted by the successful bidder convenience. · Please note that new one or bad evaluation is to be deleted by this judgment.. · When the settlement is expired, delete it with the successful bidder convenience. · Sometimes it is possible to say that the shipping cost will be appreciated since it was successfully made, but the shipping cost is made firmly from the beginning, so please check the shipping cost and ask for a bid after you are convinced. I will. ※ If you are awarded that the shipping cost is high because it is made firmly, you can only pay if the shipping cost is high, so please accept it as it is or delete it for the successful bidder convenience.. · If you wish to return money, please note that shipping costs and system fee will be borne the full bidder.. · I work with work, so it may take time to contact or ship. · Please bid with a margin for about a week until arrival of the product from payment. · Because there are products that can be bundled, please check from questions before bidding. · We do not answer questions that do not respond to questions, so we can not manage after bidding. · Take care · discount · cash on delivery · cash on delivery · handling · shipping company can not be selected. · Because garage storage may occur because of the storage. · I think there are fine places that can not be judged by the image. · I would like to understand that I do not care about myself. · If you dislike small scratches, please check at stores and purchase. · We would like to be a successful bolt or nut-stock other part of a variety of sports, and if it is necessary to adjust and process brakes and transmissions. ※ We will refuse returned goods in any other case. · There are a lot of unused products that do not confirm the installation. Please check carefully with images and purchase. · Not all of the exhibition products are accurately understanding and grasping. · Some things do not understand, so please understand. • If not a genuine part, you may not be able to adjust according to the vehicle. · As we do not understand how to adjust the adjustment method, please respond to yourself. · Please bring it to the shop other than mounting and adjustment than those with sufficient knowledge. · Damage when trying to force it can not be returned or replaced.. · You may have a slight difference in photographs and some differences in specification change. · Because it is the source of trouble, please ask questions before bidding. · Some storage period is long, so please in no claim no return. · Please read all notes and self-introduction, and please bid on convincation. · The title is a search word. Please make sure to confirm the explanation without judging only with the title.
Shipment details
· Shipping is the nearest bicycle shop · Shipping to store, company, only in the case of the nearest Seino Transportation Branch Shopping Shipping Shipping, 9000 yen uniformly
(Hokkaido + 3000 yen. Okinawa, River Ishijima Estimate)
※ In the case of shipping to the private house, we will need to pay for the shipping unexpected price +6000 yen, so the nearest bicycle shop, store, company (corporation), the nearest Seino Transportation branch offshore shipping is advantageous. · If you say the shipping destination after a successful bid, you can advance the transaction smoothly, so thank you. · Shipping is sequentially shipped from 3 to 7 days after confirmation in order of payment. · Shipping fee payment · Payment not possible · There is no correspondence with direct picking up. As it will only correspond to simple settlement, please bid after confirmation.. · Shipping is only on weekdays.
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