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Silicon Power, Portable Hard Disc, 1TB, USB3.0, 3SPBH01TD05T-2, used
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,000 $32
Start price ¥4,000 $32
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller curio_recycleshop +7893
Condition Used
Start time 2022-10-01T21:35:46+09:00
End time 2022-10-03T21:35:46+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m1065060528
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Description of item The exhibition is only for the image. Please prepare other things you need. Because it is used, there are some dirt and rubbing.. I tested it, but it works without any problems. Before the exhibition, I checked it after checking if there was no problem with the basics, but after shipping, I can not support it even if there is any problem, and I will not accept any returns or complaints. Please be convinced and bid..
Important matter Please be sure to finish the purchase procedure within 2 days after a successful bid. Even if you pay only the successful bid amount during the purchase procedure,
We will add shipping fee and change the total payment. If there is no purchase procedure within the deadline or the payment is not completed
It will be canceled for the convenience of the successful bidder. Please use the transaction message for the exchange of transactions before the purchase procedure.
Payment details Payment will take consumption tax and shipping costs to the successful bid amount. Coupons can not be used to pay. The payment method of the item price will be credit card payment and PayPay balance payment. If you make payments without including shipping during the purchase procedure, we will change the amount including the shipping fee. Please pay the credit card payment and the payment deadline by PayPay balance within 5 days after the purchase procedure. PayPay If you pay for the balance payment, if you pay the amount that does not include the shipping fee, the shipping fee will be added here, but some people are insufficient. In that case, please notify the charge of the amount including the successful bid and the shipping fee within 3 days. If the payment deadline and charge deadline have passed, it will be canceled for the convenience of the highest bidder.
Shipment details The goods will be shipped by the post pack by the original payment. Yu -Pack Shipping Cash on delivery Shipping is not allowed. Shipping fee will change the total payment after the purchase procedure. Even if only the successful bid amount is paid at the time of purchase procedure, we will add the shipping fee and change the total payment. Shipping method after shipping and shipping can not be changed. It is between 810 and 3060 yen for Yu Pack fee. It may be changed by the convenience of the post office, please check with the web's website. Non -standard -size shipping and letter pack shipment are also possible, but even if it is damaged or lost after shipping, we do not have any responsibility and there is no warranty. Depending on the size and weight, there are some things that cannot be shipped outside the standard or letter pack. Letter pack is 370 yen or 520 yen depending on thickness. Outside the fixed form is between 120 yen from 120 yen to 1350 yen after packing. Shipping will be shipped within 3 days after checking payment. If you are in a hurry shipping, be sure to say before bidding. It will be shipped after payment confirmation even if it hurry. In addition, when the Saturday, Sunday and the holiday are interposed, it may be shipped and shipping may be delayed. There is a person who wants to receive after 10 days after receiving money, but the extension of the shipping date is 10 days including the deposit date after payment is confirmed. More extensions can not be extended. If the item is returned after shipping the item, or if the item sent without being received for some reason is returned, it will be re -shipped. The shipping fee will be borne by the successful bidder. The postage of re -shipment will be bank transfer. Bank transfer fees will be borne by the successful bidder. The storage period of the item after returning is one week. If there is no transfer of re -shipment even after one week, the goods will be disposed of here as a storage fee. We will not refund after disposal.
Notes Please bid from to read the description of the goods to see the image in front of the bid. After a successful bid, we will tell you the total including the shipping cost, so please be sure to finish the purchase procedure within 2 days. If the purchase procedure has passed, the transaction will be canceled. In addition, after the purchase procedure, the payment deadline will be canceled. After a successful bid, we will work out by trading message or email. Some people who trade by e -mail are rejected by the registered email address. Please make settings to be able to receive mail from ours. It is only an excuse that the email was rejected because of the incoming call, so if we do not contact us, please contact the e -mail or trading message by the next day. Description of the exhibit describes the approximate state, but may not be completely all the explanation because it is used goods. Descriptions and images are'm not extremely different things, because some people too much to worry about an extreme by the successful bidder after the transaction has been completed, always when there is to be a care in order to not cause the discrepancy auction please ask you a question being held. I will answer as much as possible, but some hours ago for a successful bid may not be answered, and there may not be a reply for questions from here, after a successful bid even if there is no reply from here Do not answer questions, so please give me a tender after thinking. (After a successful bid is a question about the product will take the consultation to that of the other does not answer. )
Since it is a second-hand product (including unused products), please understand that no claim and no return (not returned) after a successful bid, please make a bid. Since the goods may become sold out in the shop, some may not be able to dealings after a successful bid. If you are concerned about whether it is selling at the store, please contact us in e-mail or question column. If you have a total of payments you are interviewed, you will not refund even if you have any reason. Cancel is also not possible. If the item is returned after shipping, it will be re -shipped if it is returned. The postage of re -shipment will be bank transfer. The storage period of the item is one month. If there is no transfer of re -shipment even after one month, the goods will be disposed of here as a storage fee. We will not refund after disposal. However, we will refund only in the following cases. (If you check the last check of the item before shipping and before the packing, there is a defect in the successful bid, and if it is confirmed before shipping, the transaction will be canceled. We will refund by transfer. )
If the evaluation is bad (depending on the content of comments and trading) will delete the bid. Please contact us and questions from email or question column. Located in Setagaya also actual store not only on the Internet, but store personnel are not at all involved in Internet auction. I can not answer be the questions and requests to store personnel because. Please tell you want to do in more detail ask what kind of things with your name if you want to phone calls. However answer the call the person in charge can not immediately answer on the spot. In any case, the answer to requests and questions can only be done only for Internet personnel, so please use email or transaction message to ask questions. It has not issued a receipt, invoice. Please use credit card payments, payPay balance or convenience store payments, transfer records and transfer forms and transfer documents issued as a formal receipt. In rare cases a personal computer, you have an auction and e-mail way is better is unfamiliar of, but if the way is not known bid Please refrain from. Guidance of the way in the way of me is not at all. The store information listed on the exhibition site is in the past information and cannot be changed now. The store information on the exhibition site contains incorrect information, so it is not a formal trading method. The sentence and precautions are accurate for the sentence listed here.
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