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Metal Scissors Scissors Replaceable Blade Universal Scissors Metal Cutting With Replaceable Blade (K975)
Auction ends 4 days
Current price ¥1,091 $9
Start price ¥1,091 $9
Buy-now ¥1,091 $9
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller walktool2 +11901
Condition New
Start time 2023-05-30T03:32:52+09:00
End time 2023-06-06T03:32:52+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number m1078042318
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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From Japan
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Cutting scissors with replaceable blade (K975)
Description of item
Super large size that is easy to apply force! !!
Metal plates up to 1 mm of aluminum can be cut crispy.. Even if the sharpness deteriorates, it is a replaceable blade type, so it can easily return to new sharpness with 4 bolts!
With a replacement blade!!
* Option replacement blade sold separately
≪Product size≫
--Length 330mm, width 150mm, thickness 26mm (excluding bolts and nuts)
Shipment details
[A shipping]○ Normally, it will be shipped by our designated delivery company
This item's guide is "-@即売くん3.86■It was created with.
Shipping classification
Shipping size Hokkaido Honshu / Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
A-shipping 1000 yen free shipping free shipping 1900 yen
B shipping 1000 yen free shipping free shipping 1900 yen
C shipping 2400 yen 1420 jpy 1420 jpy 3800 yen
D shipping 2900 yen 1680 yen 1680 yen 5800 yen
E shipping 5520 yen 3480 yen 4260 yen 9800 yen
F shipping 6790 yen 4260 yen 4710 yen 12000 yen
G shipping 7940 yen 4820 yen 5490 yen 14000 yen
H shipping 11280 yen 5830 yen 6500 yen 16000 yen
I shipping 13800 yen 9860 yen 10980 yen 19000 yen
J postage 19550 yen 13440 yen 15680 yen 28000 yen
※ We will notify you of the estimate separately for a large number of shipping costs. ※ We ask customer side for unloading / moving and installation of heavy goods products. ※ Shipping fee differs depending on size and weight for each product. ※ Shipping by all product shipping cash on delivery is not possible. ※ For Okinawa remote island areas, the amount of category shipping fee will be added by region. * In the case of large products, the shipping price in the cart is not applied. It will be an estimate separately. Please note that the amount of shipping display in the cart will not be applied even if you order multiple products with a large product. We will inform you of the shipping fee by the order confirmation email from our company.
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