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Full-rated specialty stew-black-red letters (grilled -B428) Novy flag flag using a flag of Noobori flag is a bargain
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,528 $19
Start price ¥2,528 $19
Buy-now ¥2,528 $19
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller yokapopa +4946
Condition New
Start time 2023-12-11T03:39:37+09:00
End time 2023-12-13T02:54:48+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number m1100176233
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


Roll-up (stewed specialty-black-red letters flag)
"Specialty stew-black-red letters flag"Rolling upIt will be.One different flag by writing booksis.There is a discount depending on the number of orders, so it is advantageous to buy in bulk! ◇ Unit price of order ( * Limited to ready -made pattern/same product) ◇
1 sheet 2-4 5-9 sheets 10 or more
Per piece 3,580 yen 2,780 yen 2,280 yen 2,080 yen
* The price will not change when ordering, but from us after ordering.
We will notify you of the corrected amount again by e -mail..
【Please be careful】● Dimensions 600 × 1800 mm/Material Ponon/Chiti map/Produced with inkjet. ● I'm sorry,Returned or exchanged is not possible due to production after orderingDelivery date is usually within 20 business days after payment is confirmed. ● It feels somewhat whitish than silk print. The back is about 60 %. The colors are different depending on the printing, so please consider the image as a guide. ● Only "POPEYE" can use this design, all typefaces, layout, illustrations, etc.
Unauthorized use, including similar products, is prohibited.. If you are using it without permission, we will accept the appropriate design fee. ● Unauthorized posting and reprinting of this design is prohibited. ● The image is just an image. The real thing becomes a little thinner.
○ Dimensions: 600 mm x 1800 mm
○ Material: Ponji
○ Chichi: As shown in the figure on the right
○ Produced with inkjet
About delivery date
Because it will be made to orderAfter confirming our payment, Usually ships from the manufacturer within 20 business days. * Cash on delivery cannot be made directly from the manufacturer.
Shipping / consumption tax
Shipping costThe postage is as follows, so please check it.
● This product will include shipping.

* Notes on bulk purchaseOnly one place/lump sum delivery fee is uniform. In addition, it is possible to ship bundled with other flies.However, it cannot be bundled with a product other than the flowing.* Please let us know in advance for remote islands. If you are not notified, shipping may be delayed than planned. Thank you for your cooperation.

This product cannot be cash on delivery because it is sent directly to the manufacturer.
Returns and exchanges
Returns and exchanges

・ You cannot cancel after ordering. ・ Because it is made to order, it cannot be returned/exchanged.

Please refrain from making payments until we receive the billing amount. * The amount may change depending on the bundle, shipping, option, etc. Before we receive an email from the company before the calculation (contact / claim) of the billing amount
If you make a mistake, then change the amount
Please note that the cost of transfer, refund, etc. will be held by the customer..
About payment
Bank transfer (prepayment)

[Payment destination] ● PayPay Bank
Main store ordinary account
Account number 6933867
Account holder Watanabeshui

[Payment deadline] One week from your order

Credit card (prepayment)

PayPay balance payment* In a partnership with Yahoo! Shopping, emails and other notifications will be sent from Yahoo! Shopping.

【About Receipt】 Bank transfer customers
[Transfer statement] ・ [Usage statement], etc.
Please use the documents to be received. [Customers using credit card payments]
In order for the store to issue a receipt, it is necessary to receive "cash".
Customers once, card company → purchase site → us. There is no money contract between us and our customers.
Along with that, it is not issued in our shop. Use [Card Usage statement], etc. of the card company, etc.
** Customers who absolutely necessary * *
Our products cannot be included in the product directly from the manufacturer or a factory -based product, so it cannot be included in the product, so it will be mailed by separate flights, but it can be handled there.. Please enter in the remarks column and request column at the time of order, [Receipt desire / address ○○ / vigilance ○○ / separate mailing fee 84 yen consent]. We will change the billing amount and arrange it. * Regarding delivery, it is an online shopping, so after ordering, we send several emails from our order confirmation to shipment, so the product details and billing amount are listed every time. We would like to ask you to copy and paste and output it..

About product discontinuation

We are sorry for the products that have been discontinued due to the manufacturer's convenience, but we will cancel. In the case of set products and multiple products bundled, we will cancel only the discontinued products, so we will proceed with the other products.

About personal information

We strictly manage your personal information. It is not used for purposes other than providing information such as email magazines, or provided to third parties.

About returned goods / exchange

We will return and exchange / refund according to the following criteria
・ Conditions that cannot be returned or exchanged
Products that have been over one week after the arrival of the product (all products)
* Products that have passed more than one week after arrival even for defective products cannot be returned or exchanged.
An error of about 5 cm on the difference from the genuine product (floor mat)
The position of the hole for the hook is different (floor mat)
Part of the mat floats (floor mat)
A mat is applied to the footrest (floor mat)
Different from the genuine shape (floor mat)
Invisible due to car remodeling (all products)
Bug when there was no correct report of car information and desired matte fabric (all products)
Product wrong (all products)
Customer order mistakes (model number, color instructions, different numbers, etc./ All products)
Customer convenience, such as delivery time (all products)
I no longer need (all products)
・ Conditions that can be returned or exchanged
Products of defective products within one week after the arrival of the product (all products)
* Products that have been over one week after arrival cannot be returned or exchanged in any case.
An error of 8 cm or more (floor mat)
Safety issues for using mat (floor mats)
The shape of the mat and the shape of the car are clearly different (floor mats)
The mat is covered on the seat rail (floor mat)
Other conditions acknowledged by our company (all products)
* Basically, the conditions that cannot be returned or exchanged are prioritized.
If there is a problem with the car information report, you will not be able to return or exchange in any case.
Please contact us if you have any questions

Contact Information

AD Watanabe WEB Division Co., Ltd.1044-7 Imafuku, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 834-0061
TEL: 0943-22-9333
FAX: 0943-22-3233E-mail: E-mail:* Our company is open from 9:00 to 14:00. For inquiries outside of business hours, please email by e -mail (either the above address is possible). Call for telephone outside business hours will be unknown even if you contact us because the person in charge will be absent and other departments will be connected. Inquiries about products: Funakoshi / Nagata (stock confirmation, delivery date, product details, etc.)
Inquiries after order: Funakoshi (order status, change, confirmation, payment confirmation, etc.)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (New Year holidays, GW, summer holidays, etc.)
Business hours: Weekdays 09: 00-14: 00
Director: Shuichi Watanabe
WEB Division Person in charge: Keiko Funakoshi
[Contact by Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo auction!]
Due to the combination of Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Auctions!. Please note.

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