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"Showa Idol Poster Kunitachi Sayuri CBS SONY not for sale"
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥850 $7
Start price ¥850 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wazpopo0905 +2592
Condition Used
Start time 2024-02-27T21:18:06+09:00
End time 2024-02-29T21:18:06+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m1106581219
Seller position Tochigi Prefecture

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Thank you very much for seeing it.* Recently, failure has occurred frequently after a successful bid. New evaluation and very bad, but noticeable, such as a bidder who feels uneasy, may be canceled without notice. We will also cancel in the same way, referring to the case where there are many bad and very bad and the evaluation within the last 1 month. Only those who can guarantee until the end of the transaction, thank you. In addition, if you cancel after winning the bid, or if you do not pay by the payment deadline set by Yahoo! JAPAN, or if you do not contact us, we are sorry, but we will add it to a very bad evaluation and BL, so please be aware of the above in order to have a pleasant transaction with each other.This is also very important, and no matter what reasons for bidding, there is no rule.Basically, it is owned once by the individual. Also, if you seem to have been a smoker and are concerned about odors and stains, please refrain from bidding. Please consider fine scratches etc. In addition, please look at your collector feeling and the image listed. Magazines, books, and paper are broken, and there are some points that cannot be torn. The deadly parts are posted in images as much as possible, but they cannot be posted, so if you are interested, please be sure to check questions.In addition, for period items, please judge the condition and deterioration over time by the image.
Please bid only if you understand and are satisfied.
* Request for transaction *
If a bid or awarded a successful bid, please note the above notes,
I will agree. Auctions are finished at once. We will do our best not to keep customers waiting as much as possible.
The "number of days until shipping" will be set to 1~2 days from the confirmation of payment. Since it is a setting with a space to prevent mistakes, unless you have poor physical condition or sudden business trips, we will actually ship it on the same day to 2 days from the payment confirmation.After receiving the product, be sure to press the "Receipt completion button".After receiving the product, please let us know if you need an evaluation.
Delivery method · shipping fee
Even if the thickness can be shipped by a thin or non -standard -size mail, it will basically be shipped from 250 yen with Yu -Packet tracking number. Where can I get the shipping luggage and when can I receive it rather than wanting to save the postage? I will give priority to that. In addition, in the case of fixed -form mail, the arrival is usually 3-5 days in the neighboring prefecture area.Basically, we use Yu packets from 250 yen from the post office.I will assume it.For posters, we will use the post office poster dedicated cylinder and ship it by Yu -Pack. We will send you a waterproof vinyl and send it. Approximately 10 pieces are possible. Some people rarely specify shipments outside the standard, but we are sorry, but please understand the shipping method specified by our company.RarelyIf the size and weight are exceeded, the shipping method set on the auction page
We will use the source payment of Yu -Pack, Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, etc. However, those that exceed 2m will be supported by the Saiino Sales Office.
It can be bundled / reserved, but those with different shapes will be requested in two mouths.Shipment from Tochigi prefecture. How much is the shipping cost to XX prefecture? Such
There is a question, but we have posted some of the items that know the size to some extent.
Regarding the amount, there is also a list of each area of ​​each area, so please check that.Regarding the date of shipping, the post office is closed on Saturdays/Sundays/holidays because of the living in the countryside, so even if you make a payment, the shipping will be on holidays, so please bid in advance.
method of payment
Payment is・ PayPay Payment ・ PayPay Payment ・ Credit card
・ PayPay Bank payment ・ Convenience store payment ・ Bank transfer
If it is smooth until payment after a successful bid, basically packing the next day. We will notify you of the shipping completion with the tracking number as soon as the packing is completed. If you receive a shipping notice outside of business hours, such as a post office, we will contact you sequentially to prevent shipping errors from items that have been prepared for shipment, so the actual shipment will be after business resumes the next day, so please understand. In the unlikely event that you do not contact us within 3 days after winning the bid, you can also use the navigation system from here
We will contact you, but if you still can't contact us, it will be at the convenience of the successful bidder.
Please note that it will be canceled, and that you will automatically receive a very bad evaluation in the evaluation.
Yu-Pack Shipping List
From Tochigi to Yu Pack 60 size Hokkaido 1,300 Aomori 870 Akita 870 Iwate 870
This table showsWake upIt was done(This section, modification prohibited) Yamagata 870 Miyagi 870
city Yamaguchi 1,100 Shimane 1,100 Tottori 1,100 Fukui 870 Ishikawa 870 Toyama 870 Niigata 870 Fukushima 870
Hiroshima 1,100 Okayama 1,100 Hyōgo 970 Kyoto 970 Shiga 970 Gifu 870 Nagano 870 Gunma 870 Tochigi 810 Ibaraki 870
Nagasaki 1,300 Saga 1,300 Fukuoka 1,300 Osaka 970 Nara 970 Aichi 870 Shizuoka 870 Yamanashi 870 Saitama 870 Chiba 870
Kumamoto 1,300 Oita 1,300 Ehime 1,100 Kagawa 1,100 Wakayama 970 Triple 870 Kanagawa 870 Tokyo 870
Okinawa 1,350 Kagoshima 1,300 Miyazaki 1,300 Kochi 1,100 Tokushima 1,100 islands
From Tochigi to Yu Pack 80 size Hokkaido 1,530 Aomori 1,100 Akita 1,100 Iwate 1,100
This table showsWake upIt was done(This section, modification prohibited) Yamagata 1,100 Miyagi 1,100
city Yamaguchi 1,310 Shimane 1,310 Tottori 1,310 Fukui 1,100 Ishikawa 1,100 Toyama 1,100 Niigata 1,100 Fukushima 1,100
Hiroshima 1,310 Okayama 1,310 Hyōgo 1,200 Kyoto 1,200 Shiga 1,200 Gifu 1,100 Nagano 1,100 Gunma 1,100 Tochigi 1,030 Ibaraki 1,100
Nagasaki 1,530 Saga 1,530 Fukuoka 1,530 Osaka 1,200 Nara 1,200 Aichi 1,100 Shizuoka 1,100 Yamanashi 1,100 Saitama 1,100 Chiba 1,100
Kumamoto 1,530 Oita 1,530 Ehime 1,310 Kagawa 1,310 Wakayama 1,200 Triple 1,100 Kanagawa 1,100 Tokyo 1,100
Okinawa 1,630 Kagoshima 1,530 Miyazaki 1,530 Kochi 1,310 Tokushima 1,310 islands
From Tochigi to Yu -Pack 100 Size Hokkaido 1,760 Aomori 1,330 Akita 1,330 Iwate 1,330
This table showsWake upIt was done(This section, modification prohibited) Yamagata 1,330 Miyagi 1,330
city Yamaguchi 1,560 Shimane 1,560 Tottori 1,560 Fukui 1,330 Ishikawa 1,330 Toyama 1,330 Niigata 1,330 Fukushima 1,330
Hiroshima 1,560 Okayama 1,560 Hyōgo 1,440 Kyoto 1,440 Shiga 1,440 Gifu 1,330 Nagano 1,330 Gunma 1,330 Tochigi 1,280 Ibaraki 1,330
Nagasaki 1,760 Saga 1,760 Fukuoka 1,760 Osaka 1,440 Nara 1,440 Aichi 1,330 Shizuoka 1,330 Yamanashi 1,330 Saitama 1,330 Chiba 1,330
Kumamoto 1,760 Oita 1,760 Ehime 1,560 Kagawa 1,560 Wakayama 1,440 Triple 1,330 Kanagawa 1,330 Tokyo 1,330
Okinawa 1,900 Kagoshima 1,760 Miyazaki 1,760 Kochi 1,560 Tokushima 1,560 islands
From Tochigi to Yu -Pack 120 size Hokkaido 2,020 Aomori 1,590 Akita 1,590 Iwate 1,300
This table showsWake upIt was done(This section, modification prohibited) Yamagata 1,590 Miyagi 1,590
city Yamaguchi 1,800 Shimane 1,800 Tottori 1,800 Fukui 1,590 Ishikawa 1,590 Toyama 1,590 Niigata 1,590 Fukushima 1,590
Hiroshima 1,800 Okayama 1,800 Hyōgo 1,690 Kyoto 1,690 Shiga 1,690 Gifu 1,590 Nagano 1,590 Gunma 1,590 Tochigi 1,530 Ibaraki 1,590
Nagasaki 2,020 Saga 2,020 Fukuoka 2,020 Osaka 1,690 Nara 1,690 Aichi 1,590 Shizuoka 1,590 Yamanashi 1,590 Saitama 1,590 Chiba 1,590
Kumamoto 2,020 Oita 2,020 Ehime 1,800 Kagawa 1,800 Wakayama 1,690 Triple 1,590 Kanagawa 1,590 Tokyo 1,590
Okinawa 2,170 Kagoshima 2,020 Miyazaki 2,020 Kochi 1,800 Tokushima 1,800 islands
From Tochigi to Yu Pack 140 size Hokkaido 2,260 Aomori 1,830 Akita 1,830 Iwate 1,830
This table showsWake upIt was done(This section, modification prohibited) Yamagata 1,830 Miyagi 1,830
city Yamaguchi 2,060 Shimane 2,060 Tottori 2,060 Fukui 1,830 Ishikawa 1,830 Toyama 1,830 Niigata 1,830 Fukushima 1,830
Hiroshima 2,060 Okayama 2,060 Hyōgo 1,950 Kyoto 1,950 Shiga 1,950 Gifu 1,830 Nagano 1,830 Gunma 1,830 Tochigi 1,780 Ibaraki 1,830
Nagasaki 2,260 Saga 2,260 Fukuoka 2,260 Osaka 1,950 Nara 1,950 Aichi 1,830 Shizuoka 1,830 Yamanashi 1,830 Saitama 1,830 Chiba 1,830
Kumamoto 2,260 Oita 2,260 Ehime 2,060 Kagawa 2,060 Wakayama 1,950 Triple 1,830 Kanagawa 1,830 Tokyo 1,830
Okinawa 2,440 Kagoshima 2,260 Miyazaki 2,260 Kochi 2,060 Tokushima 2,060 islands
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