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Panasonic Panasonic CQ-M3100D MD Deck Audio Deck Player 1DIN Car Audio Shelf D3
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥480 $4
Start price ¥480 $4
Buy-now ¥490 $4
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller powergroup1220 +251652
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-16T06:46:43+09:00
End time 2024-04-22T21:29:48+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m1113978648
Seller position Saitama Prefecture 1129172

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From Japan
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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


Control number 23-11-3435-HIG
Company evaluation A (unused · displayed goods)
B (beautiful goods)
C (good product)
D (required repair)E (junk item)
Item state
It will be a junk product because the operation is not confirmed. It is unknown whether it works normally.
Junk definition Junk products have a failure, damage, or deficiency that is unlikely to be used as it is, and is the meaning of a breakdown that has lost its original use as a product. We cannot accept any warranty or complaints regarding the difference, state, and movement. Only those who can understand the meaning of junk, please bid.
Conformity relation
Notices It becomes a general-purpose product
Diversion of other cars It may not always be able to attachment as it is with respect to diversion. Processing and parts replacement may be required.
Product Details
Maker Panasonic Panasonic CQ-M3100D
Remarks Accessories will be all that is reflected in the image. Because it is difficult to keep track of all the product is missing parts, it might get you prepare a separate parts, if necessary. Consumables such as valves, sockets, wires, bolts and nuts are basically not included, so please prepare for customers as needed. Because there is a limit to the number of the picture about the state, you will not be able to publish all of the bad part. Only those who can understand, thank you for the tender.
Shipping fee etc
Shipping classification

Delivery company:Sagawa Kyubin Bundled: × collection: × Cash on delivery: Time zone specification:

In the case of cash on delivery, it will take additional 440 yen as cash-on-delivery commission (including tax) is.


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Cheap Demon King 23-11-3435-HIG 11/15
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