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★ 16cm inner baffle for Spacia Rear
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥4,500 $32
Start price ¥4,500 $32
Buy-now ¥4,500 $32
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ryusuke330 +4584
Condition New
Start time 2024-04-14T15:26:27+09:00
End time 2024-04-21T15:26:27+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number m1119479987
Seller position Toyama Prefecture

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From Japan
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Speaker depth difference 7 mm or less Saisbis, plate bolt Check the inner diameter

For Suzuki's predecessor for Spacia Rear Side
MDF inner baffle
(Including custom)
Suzuki Passian car Rear seat MDF inner baffle
The successful bid price is 2 pieces
● Spec
12 mm thick
Inner diameter 130-115 mm (φ)
8 mm in depth
Mounting hole φ6 (dish bolt recommended)
No accessories
● Installation modelSpacia MK32 MK42 (2013/6-2017/10)
2nd image speaker depth difference 7mm or less
The third image of the bolt, the screws, the third image, the dish bolt, the bolt bolt.
The inner diameter of the fourth image cannot enter unless the inner diameter of the speaker is 130 mm or less.
* The new MK52 cannot be installed (the shape is a triangle type)
* Speakers are not products
Delivery method · shipping fee
Yu -packet post (post posting with tracking number)
method of payment
Yahoo! easy settlement
Since the product is unpainted, we recommend waterproofing. * Make a hole in the baffle before hitting the screw It will prevent cracking The accident is responsible for damage and injury at the time of installation. If you can agree, please bid
The following are notes on the vehicle side
The opening iron plate attached to the speaker is about 110 mm in diameter
About 35 mm from the speaker mounting panel to inner paste
Baffle thickness 12 mm + 35 mm = 47 mm in depth
Speakers up to 46 mm in depth from the speaker mounting surface can be attached to the last minute
Since the left side has the protrusion of the filler port, it seems to be even smaller, so some processing is necessary.
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