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Tsukita. Badge set of 3 Yayoi spring Uzuki new Satsuki AOI program services spring Assembly out of print
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,000 $10
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Seller uroakuroak +1337
Condition New
Start time 2020-02-15T00:14:33+09:00
End time 2020-02-22T00:14:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m362312523
Seller position Saitama

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[Important notice]
In the Yahoo auction, over a period of about 100 times from 12 May 2015
Using the account that was very similar to us, "uroakuroak" becomes "uroakuroak2"
My real name, address, had been carried out the theft to trade personal information such as phone number, to the man of Taiwanese skilled in the art,
Personal papers prison 10 months per counterfeiting, copyright infringement per detention 50 days, was a civil compensation 120,000 yuan
2018 March 30 date, the judgment (which corresponds to the district court) Taiwan Tainan District Court
September 20, the date 2018, in the judgment (which corresponds to the High Court) Taiwan wisdom Property Law Institute
We would like to publish to everyone of Yahoo! Auctions users that we have finalized.It has published a part of the evidence image, such as ruling the main text in the following page. Other people think one at a time please. [Congratulation! Compact mirror that conviction was used when you testified in the witness stand of Taiwan Tainan District Courthttps://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j577354064It will overlap with the above-mentioned page, but I will explain the outline of the crime in the following. Seen as anime goods dealer parties set up a store in Taiwan Tainan city
Defendant, Wu P Hiroshi (Gore-P Nhou) (part asterisk) is,
At that time, 2015, to eliminate us "uroakuroak" is a competitive seller, which was followed, in order itself to monopoly profits
Using the account that was very similar to us, "uroakuroak" becomes "uroakuroak2"
My own take of the product images, from the description of item up to the self-introduction column
Stealing all, it exhibited with you completely copied the exhibition page of us,
While talks about our name to the highest bidder, not credited to his account (modus operandi of phishing)
When further ship the item to the highest bidder, my real name, address, personal information such as a telephone number used,
It had been pretending to be me over about 100 times. Furthermore, using a different account "mimikuma888"
Our exhibit a fake, horns of a disseminating slander as such as piracy,
Spoofing the manufacturer of human beings, make a phone call to our employer "to sue unless stop the Yahoo auction" and the like
It has been threatened several times. (Our side lost his job in the wake of it)
The ruling, out of these planned crime, it is personal papers forgery and stealing our personal information to create a customs declaration,
As theft of its own to take the product image falls on a copyright infringement, it is proposed that conviction has been made. (However, a fine way out there, detentions etc will)
The following is the culprit of the date each account enumeration or. uroakuroak2
angel_chiffon888route_hai ← private document forgery offenses of a new account August 19 report already 28 August the discovery Yahoo 2019 confirm the activities stop
To everyone who gave us your cooperation to report, I would like to thank all excited to take this opportunity.
Since had been a large amount exhibition, but it is proposed that many people, which is a deal,
Relentlessly stalking the Japanese, to the criminals who impersonate others,
Personal information of everyone has flowed out through the transaction, nothing but that. The culprit of a man,a real Japanese"Co., Ltd. Big K Shop"Your Brand"Angel of the M chiffon"trademark
The original copyright holder is not, despite the self as in Taiwan without permission trademark registration
The company's"Taiwan directly managed stores of"spoof has been in the past, such as that there is
Investigation ascertained by and others other companies name of the cheats to your breaker too.. In addition, Taiwan is also the center of the special fraud of Greater China. Man of the criminal is, in another fraud group to exploit the personal information,
There is also a fear that sell the personal information of the Japanese got through Yahoo! Auctions. The culprit, it seems that those in possession of a large number of account in addition to the above. When you know of any person who is seen as the same person or party, somewhere, please report to us as soon as possible. Us again, Taiwan, we will notify the parties concerned of Japan. Our side, Yahoo guidelines
The "act of violation of the countries and regions of the laws and regulations that customer is located at the time of Japan or use" and "to prohibit"
Based on the convention clearly sung,
Delete the accused related accounts, and a permanent stop of the future of Yahoo services eligibility
Through the lawyer of a major law firm affiliation of Tokyo, we have repeatedly requested. The evidence and the charges of criminal before the criminal complaint, and after conviction Taiwan of the district court, and the verdict was handed down from the High Court the Japanese translation,
The above delegation lawyer, through О lawyer of S Sogo Law Offices sent to the Yahoo side,
Although we have sought a permanent stop of the Yahoo service eligibility of the offender,
Nevertheless, it has continued to stand on the fact Yahoo side,
Man of the criminal during the even really three and a half years until mid-June 2019, had been working in Wagamonogao. Yahoo side support, the report by the criminal complaint before the content-certified without reply,
"I made a carefully considered, (snip) has not reached the judgment that measures such as Delete considerable" after conviction is that
It has only come to send a document of fixed form sentence. Documents through the way, and I do not for
The other day in 2019, 6 month 18 days was conducted by Yahoo shareholders
Yahoo employees 2 name directly,regarding this matter can be protested and this course(proof video, too.)
Incident discovered from the 3 and a half years after and the culprit of the relevant account submitted stop reached. By which we have published the matter, our account is also stopped by any chance, when receiving the disadvantages of such exhibition limitation,
"Yahoo because of the scandal hiding, was stopped my account" and please be recognized. In that case, we will make SNS, video sites, further information published well as to the press. 【Product information】
This is the Taiwan automobile industry Taiwan version. This body: diameter 4. 5 cm
Shipping domestic shipping is.
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