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[reduction in price] ツキウタ. A group is out of print in new azalea Aoi グラビ spring in April in three badge set Yayoi spring
Auction ends over
Current price ¥880 $10
Start price ¥880 $10
Buy-now ¥880 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller uroakuroak +1453
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-07T00:43:48+09:00
End time 2020-06-11T15:52:26+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number m362312523
Seller position Saitama

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[important notice]
In Yahoo Auctions, it extends over approximately 100 times from December, 2015
With an account named "uroakuroak2" which closely resembled we "uroakuroak",
For the man of the Taiwanese supplier who I plagiarized our real name, address, personal information including the phone number, and made a deal,
I assumed it civil affair compensation 120,000 yuan about a copyright infringement about forgery of a private document for custody 50 days for penal servitude ten months
Is dated March 30, 2018; House of Tainan district law (is equivalent to the district court) judgment of Taiwan
Is dated September 20, 2018; in wisdom property law House (is equivalent to the High Court) judgment in Taiwan
I announce that it was settled to Yahoo Auctions users.I show a part of the document image including the text of a judgment in the following pages. Look with other people's affairs once unintentionally. [celebration!] The compact mirror which I used when I testified with the witness stand of the conviction 】 Taiwan Tainan district court repeat with the page mentioned above, but explain below the summary of the crime. I am thought to be the person concerned of an animated cartoon goods store setting up the store in Taiwanese Tainan City
Defendant, Kure P 紘 (ゴ P ンホウ) (some turning in set type),
Because, at the time of 2015, I remove we "uroakuroak" which is the competing exhibitor who led, and oneself monopolizes profit
With an account named "uroakuroak2" which closely resembled we "uroakuroak",
From we own knob りの product image, product explanation to a self-introduction column
I plagiarize all and I completely copy our exhibition page and exhibit it,
I let you transfer it to own account while assuming our name to a successful bidder (trick of the phishing)
Furthermore, I use our real name, address, personal information including the phone number when I send out a product to a successful bidder,
I pretended to be us for approximately 100 times. Besides, I use other account "mimikuma888",
After having spread by slander slander as an imitation, a pirated edition with our exhibit,
, I pretend to be the human being of the maker and I telephone our workplace and "charge it if I do not stop Yahoo Auctions"
I threatened it for several degrees. (we fall out of employment triggered by it)
This judgment plagiarizing our personal information among these deliberate attack, and having made a customs declaration forgery of a private document,
Conviction was given saying that the misappropriation of the own knob りの product image was the copyright infringement. (however, there is the escape of the fine, too, and the body restriction is not carried out)
I enumerate below each account of the criminal to date. uroakuroak2
angel_chiffon888It has been reported to discovery Yahoo on August 19, 2019 that is the new account of the route_hai ← forgery of a private document criminal and confirms a layoff on August 28
It is ardent on this occasion and thanks all of you who cooperated with a report.
Because I exhibited it in large quantities, I know the traded one that much, but,
To the criminal who I perform stalking of a Japanese obstinately, and pretends to be another person,
It is nothing but that the personal information of all of you has begun to flow through business. A trademark of the brand "M chiffon of the angel" of the Japanese company "size K shop state where the man of the criminal exists Co., Ltd."
Though it is not an original rightful claimant, I register a trademark as a thing of the self without permission in Taiwan
There being the pasts that falsified "a Taiwanese shop" of the company
I become clear by an investigation and am the habitual offender of the spoofing attack to assume another person, the name of other companies. In addition, Taiwan is a center of the special fraud of the Chinese food zone. In the different fraud group where a man abuses personal information of criminals,
I might sell the Japanese personal information that I obtained through Yahoo Auctions. It seems that the criminal possesses a lot of accounts in the others mentioned above. When a person thought to be the same person or the person concerned was discovered somewhere, please report it immediately to us. We report it to Taiwan, each place of Japan concerned again. We are guidelines on Yahoo
When "I prohibit" "an act in violation of the laws and ordinances of a country, the area where a visitor is located in the case of Japan or the use"
Based on an agreement declaring definitely,
The deletion of the defendant-related account and the eternal stop of the future Yahoo service use qualification
Through a lawyer of the major law office position of Tokyo, I called repeatedly. A decision and the Japanese translation that were given after the guilt of the criminal and in the evidence and the conviction before the detective accusation by a Taiwanese district court, the High Court,
I send it to the Yahoo side through the commission lawyer mentioned above, the О lawyer of the S synthesis law office,
I demanded the eternal stop of the Yahoo service use qualification of the criminal,
Nonetheless the Yahoo side continues virtual leaving,
The man of the criminal was really active with a possession face for three and a half years until the middle of June, 2019. There is no answer in the correspondence of the Yahoo side in a report by the certification of contents before the detective accusation,
It is said, "I examined it carefully (omission), but measures such as the deletion do not lead to a judgment with the equivalency" after conviction
I sent the document of the fixed form sentence. Because, by the method through the document, you cannot scramble directly,
In Yahoo general meeting of stockholders held the other day on June 18, 2019
After direct, protesting two Yahoo employees about this matter (there is the evidence picture, too)
The account of the criminal concerned finally exhibited it after three and a half years, and it has been stopped by case detection. When our account stops by any chance and achieves the disadvantages such as exhibition restrictions by our having announced this matter,
Please recognize, "Yahoo stopped our account for disgraceful affair concealment". I will perform further information disclosure on this occasion in SNS, an animation site, the media. [about this article]
This article is for Taiwan produced under license in Taiwan. The main body: 4.5cm in diameter
Materials: PVC
Shipment is domestic shipment.
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