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Color Black size 03. XL [unlimited] autumn and winter tunic Long Sleeve Plaid switch design with pockets all
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Seller mgfuh37239 +119
Condition New
Start time 2020-01-20T04:22:24+09:00
End time 2020-01-23T04:22:24+09:00
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Lot number m375985672
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Color Black size 03. XL [unlimited] autumn and winter tunic Long Sleeve Plaid switch design with pockets all
Description of item The spacious design and comfortable to wear good fabric is very popular because of one piece! Light and it will feel. In your inner wear, tops to wear long-period use. Fluffy and spread the skirt and the rounded neck line is feminine and can. Maxi length is also heavy, the flare spread to the hem is feminine as one. Switching the skirt has a cute accent,and also for everyday wear and loungewear as a major piece. Handy pocket you can turn it on or off fashion and adults, cute 1 piece finished in. Women from all design in 1 piece as you can wear. What to wear I morning also, 1 piece,drape the stuff plus it had a co-determined fun there.. 【Color】 black /Navy size reference: length/chest circumference/shoulder width(cm) [M] 108 / 97 / 35 【L】110/ 99/ 37 【XL】112 / 101 / 39 * photo of model is 150cm. ※Dimensions are flat to the measurement for some errors, you will. ※Interface for making and. All I want to wear those for 1 size bigger is recommended. Color Black size 03. XL [unlimited] autumn and winter tunic Long Sleeve Plaid switch design with pockets all ladies MXL
Color: black
Size: 03. XL
Brand: AndLee&co (Henri)
Transaction details
Thank you for seeing my product page from among the many items.
If you contact us, we will reply within the basic 24 hours.
So first, we will explain the flow of dealings.
【Flow of deal】
1. Products to bidding as we will not be able to.
2. After a successful bid to the"not trading"as the destination,choose the payment method you will be.
If you can pay in "Yahoo! easy settlement of accounts", until get a receipt contact, so we entrusted the commodity price in Yahoo! Side, you will be able to dealings with confidence.
4. After your payment is complete, 【confirmation of payment and shipping process usually takes 1 Day ~ 2 days] of your time will be charged at all,please wait. When you arrange shipping products is completed, you will receive a dispatch Contact.
5. Shipping contact after Day 1~Day 4】the goods arrive we will.
All because we'll send you a transaction in the operation of the simple transaction ※, contact us in dealings message is there is no need.
We will explain for the corresponding after the next dealings.
[About dealings]
☆ basic, we are trying to ship the same day, but at the timing of such weekend there is the case that shipment is delayed.
In that case, we will contact you again.
☆ will confirm for you the hand after delivery, if you feel the actual product is different from the product photo and description of item, and we will respond if it is possible to contact us within 3 days after goods arrival. (Limited to one-time unused product)
☆ when a defect in the product of the initial failure or the like has occurred, and we will respond if you can connect.
☆ If the same product of more than hope, and we will respond if you can connect.
"Collectively deal" with other products is also a big welcome. (Since a mailing cost is need of only one item worth + commission is very profitable)
☆ payment as a general rule, I hope within two days, if there is no payment within two days we will respond if it is possible in advance let us know if you will be treated as canceled by the convenience of our customers (the payment is delayed ), securing of goods, payment will have will be securing and from can confirm it, thank you for early payment.
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※ Yahoo! At simple settlement thank you payment.
Yahoo! simple settlement by credit card, bank transfer, Internet banking, a large number of payment methods, such as a convenience store payment, please buy with confidence because you can your selection.
※ Please understand that it does not correspond to cash on delivery.
Shipment details
【Shipping fee】
☆ nationwide uniform one point 800 yen (tax included)
Shipping fee, so we signed with the agency a delivery contract of the whole country and uniform 800 yen per goods ※, shipping will be billed of 800 yen per point. Therefore, shipping negotiation after a successful bid, please refrain from.
【shipping method】
※ will be shipped from the agency of our contract. After the usual complete it if payment is, a payment check and the top usually 1 day to 2 degree in shipping process, we will arrive within one to four days after dispatch.
※ because there are times when the goods arrive at the agency of the package other than plain, thank you understand beforehand.
※ delivery method is selecting the optimal delivery company here. (Other than your home, convenience store receipt is also possible to specify)
※ shipment tracking, we have managed in this side for when the problem occurred. (If you wish, I correspond, if you can contact)
※ date and time specified ships are also available. (There are also some can not cope area)
※ We bestowed also request of gift wrapping if it is possible additional charges.
Thank you for taking a look through to the end. Please look at other products.
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