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Nationwide postage equal 980 jpy●prompt decision●new goods●Color blue size L19.0cm BANDEL bandel [19-04 GHOST Bracelet
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,170 $54
Start price ¥5,170 $54
Buy-now ¥5,170 $54
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller khuxe90290 +255
Condition New
Start time 2020-12-31T06:16:15+09:00
End time 2020-12-31T12:22:44+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number m448110259
Seller position Chiba ken

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Nationwide postage equal 980 jpy●prompt decision●new goods●Color blue size L19.0cm BANDEL bandel [19-04 GHOST Bracelet
Description of item
The 2019 collection is a"GHOST"line featuring a design that does not disturb the protagonist and does not insist too much. Inner diameter size: Small size / 16.0 cm-M size / 17.5 cm-L size / 19.0 cm-LL size / 20.5 cm It is an item that brings a unique presence while being mostly translucent to accent a transparent plastic ring to clear silicon. BANDEL's silicon products contain trace amounts of quartz and pure gold, which are a kind of natural ore, so there is a risk of reacting to metal or ore allergies. Bandel is a lifestyle gear that you can expect to maximize your physical potential in a variety of situations, including motor skills, balance, resilience, and concentration. Nationwide uniform postage 980 jpy●Prompt decision●new goods ● Color blue size L19.0cm Bandel bandel [19-04 GHOST Bracelet] ghost bracelet・2019 COLLECTION LINE [regular article】
Color: Blue
Size: L19.0cm
Brand: Brand: Bandel Bandel
Shipping anywhere in the nation uniform 980 yen
The carriage is the whole country and uniform 980 yen.
Uniform is not limited to the size and weight of the product is the price.
Shipping costs will be incurred for each item.
Therefore, please understand that we can not accept bundled requests and collectively shipping.
Shipping is outsourced to distribution services that can consign shipping, delivery, inventory management, and return correspondence. Therefore, negotiations involved in shipping do not respond
◆ Shipping timing is usually shipped within 1-3 days after payment is completed, so
We arrive at the next day the next day.
(Goods and, there might be the arrival to the product by a dispatch area is delayed. )
◆ Overseas shipping * Post office stop * Yamato office stop.Convenience store pick-up、
Cash on delivery is correspondence is not possible.
◆ specified delivery company and delivery method can not be received.
◆ notification of tracking number corresponds.
◆ specify the delivery time will correspond as much as possible.
(It may not accept time specifications for the convenience of the delivery company)
Yahoo! easy settlement (no fees)
● PayPay
● Yahoo! Money / Deposit payment
● Credit card payment
● Internet banking
● Japan Net Bank payment
● Bank transfer
● Convenience store payment
● T point
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★ Notes on dealings ★
◆ If you wish to buy more, if the previous bid will take a check stock from the question. In the case of a successful bid, please contact the desired number in dealings Navi.
◆ Only those who can deposit within 3 days after a successful bid please make a successful bid. If there is no contact after 5 days, it will be treated as canceled for customer convenience.
(Please note that will be attached automatically notoriety in the Yahoo auction system)
◆ We have inspection at the time of shipping,
In the case of a single defective product, we will correspond only to the initial failure.
Therefore, please check the always contents If you have arrived products.
Returned goods, please note that you will be made within 10 days from the commodity arrival.
◆ When scratching or corruption is found during the inspection at the time of shipment,
If there is no product that can be exchanged, we will contact you.
In advance, thank you to bid only for the person who can your consent. (If you put a bad reputation is tender without being agree, it will be a very bad evaluation)
◆ has entrusted the inventory management in the contract destination warehouse. There may be rare cases damage to the box at the time of storage. Thank you for your understanding.
◆ Issuance of receipt is not supported. The tax office has been confirmed and replaced with a receipt by printing a simple settlement screen.
◆ Do not comply with direct telephone, please contact us at dealings Navi
◆ The product is sold only and does not correspond to handling. Please contact the manufacturer directly for handling.
◆ After receiving the product, this transaction navigation will be deleted, so
Please contact me from the notice board.
* If you have a bid, we will be able to understand the above contents, so
Negotiation after a successful bid and refund can not be accepted.
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