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200mm Chikichi pruning scissors Aluminum pattern resin with grip 15mm to 15mm 200mm SGP-2N
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Current price ¥2,318 $18
Start price ¥2,318 $18
Buy-now ¥2,318 $18
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nvmi1093 +19
Condition New
Start time 2022-08-18T07:30:41+09:00
End time 2022-08-25T07:30:41+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number n1058864491
Seller position Oita Prefecture

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◆ Product Details
200mm Chikichi pruning scissors アル アル 生 生 生 生 まで まで 生 生 1 1 1 1 1 樹 樹 樹 樹
Features: Shock absorption for grip with resin
Raw tree cutting ability: 15mm
Total length: about 200mm
Grip Color: Red
With resin grip
◆ Payment details
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ Please note that we can not respond to other payment methods.
· [National uniform free shipping included] (including Okinawa · Hokkaido · remote island)
· It is also a basic delivery of one by one if multiple items are not limited to the product and another product.
· Not supported.
· If there is a problem with the product, it is noticeable within 2 days after arrival, and only initial failure is supported.
◆ sending out details
※ Please be sure to read
■ Please bid only if you agree with the following contents ■
· Not supported.
· Do not receive cash on delivery or local. Please note that bundled support is not available for the convenience of transport agency, so it can not be included.
· Product size, weight, delivered by the delivery destination prefecture, and we use the contract warehouse shipping agent to deliver cheaply to purchasers. (It may arrive in a box with other companies' logo)
Therefore, please note that the notification of the inquiry number is not supported. Please rest assured that it will be responsible until the end, such as in the case of unlikely to wear, lost, miscarriage.
· Issue of receipt is not supported. It becomes the receipt substitution by the printing of the screen of easy settlement
· We can not change and change mail service, out-of-style, click post, etc.
· Calling and handing does not correspond.
Personal information is used only within the extent necessary to deliver products. (※ We will notify third parties such as consignment delivery carrier)
Shipping at the end of the year-end New Year is more late than usual in relation to the carrier. Please note
※ Please be sure to read
■ Please bid only if you agree with the following contents ■
· Phone correspondence is not usually performed to prevent trouble. Please contact us with messages remaining in shape.
Minus evaluation with much, the newer one, please understand that it may be allowed to delete.
· Please note that we will treat it as a cancellation of customer convenience even if there is no payment even after 2 days after a successful bid.
· Because we do dealings with all simple transaction operations, we do not need any contacts with transaction messages.
· Package may change without notice due to specification change etc.
· If a manual is attached, depending on the product it will be English or Chinese.
・ We do not follow after-sales correspondence except sales such as how to use or set the product. Please contact the manufacturer, etc.
· Although (guarantee) is attached is not "manufacturer" (security). (Example: What is described as ○ month / year)
· If there is a problem with the product, please contact us at the dealings Navi within 2 days. Please note that the target is only defective product.
・ Inspection is carefully performed, but if there is a defect such as damage to the product, we will respond with sincerity, such as replacing the product, refund, so be sure to use it from "Transaction Navi" before evaluating.please contact.
· One-sided cancellation request, shipping bargain is more likely to be negotiated. Please note that if you make a cancellation procedure automatically, the successful bidder will be evaluated for the "very bad successful bidder".
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