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[Charity] Yusuke Murata × Ricichiro Inagaki Illustration Color Paper [Manga de Peace]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,000,999 $30,977
Start price ¥1,000 $8
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Seller mangakakyokai_charity +177
Condition Used
Start time 2022-10-03T01:09:48+09:00
End time 2022-10-09T02:18:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n1065888208
Seller position Tokyo

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This product is exhibited in a charity category. The successful bid price of this product will be donated to the following donations after payment from the customer, except for the expenses specified by the Yahoo! Auction! Guidelines.
・ Name of donation: Doctor without borders (MSF)
・ Use of donations: Support for medical expenses and activity expenses for world dispute
・ Scheduled donation date: November to December 2022 (planned)
・ Donation report site URL, media, etc.: https://www.nihonmangakakyokai.orp/

It is a hand -drawn illustration sign colored paper by Professor Yusuke Murata and the original author Riichiro Inagaki..
・ Colored paper size: 27.2cm x 242cm
・ We will seal the official seal of the Japan Cartoonist Association on the back..
・ There may be some colored paper horns and some curvature at the time of delivery until it arrives at the secretariat. Please note. And dispatch to overseas is not heard. ・ It is posted on this page. The secondary use of the image and the resale of the successful bids are strictly refused.. · Please note that delivery date designation of the commodity that has been successfully bid may not be accompanied by request. ・ For colored paper on the same end date, we will support them (collective shipping). 【Please be sure to read it】
If you are participating in this charity auction, please be sure to read the following "Request for those who are bid" before bidding.. If you bid, we will agree with the following conditions. [Request to everyone who is bid]
Please check the following to prevent mischief bidding. If the following acts can be confirmed, it may be judged as a mischief and may cancel the bid or report to Yahoo! JAPAN. Along with the Yahoo! Auction guidelines, Yahoo! JAPAN may take measures such as restrictions on the use of Yahoo! JAPAN IDs. Please be aware in advance. ・ Bid with the amount judged that mischief is likely to occur
・ Bid for those who have a negative evaluation due to a successful bid cancellation
・ Questions unrelated to exhibits
・ Rejection of successful bids at the bid price in the event of a successful bidder candidate
* If mischief bids are continuous, people other than the highest bidder may be candidate for the highest bidder. Please be careful. After a successful bid, you will receive an email that you made a successful bid from Yahoo! Auction. After that, please contact us for the delivery destination along the dealings Navi. [Handling of personal information]
We will notify you when trading after a successful bid. The personal information of the highest bidder will not be used for purposes other than the delivery of the successful bid, but we will operate an auction service for the purpose of checking whether it is an illegal bidding. , Sometimes provided to Yahoo! JAPAN. [Be careful of wire fraud]
Many cases have been reported to use charity auction sellers and try to work for fraud. In the Yahoo! auction, when it becomes the runner-up of the successful bidder (alternate highest bidder), the seller does not have the right of a successful bid as long as you do not delete the successful bidder of the top. Always seeing the goods detailed page of applicable goods if the suspicious e-mail to tell a seller has arrived, please make sure that the ID of your own is displayed as a "successful bidder".
(Added 2:10 on October 9, 2022) 【Important Notices】
Auction ID: n106588208
Yusuke Murata x Riichiro Inagaki Illustration
From one person who was bidding here, 10/8 22:08
"I want you to cancel the bid because the bid limit is entered by one digit.". We will cancel this exhibition and re -sell this exhibition for the second time..
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