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Gonium freshwater algae plankton free research, etc.
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Reference: Comparison of size with Volbox

[Biological description]
Green algae Animal Gate Green Algae Volbox Eye Gonium
The Japanese name is Hiratahigemawari
The detailed type is unknown.
Thank you for your understanding.
The number of cells is 16. Cells are lined up on the flat plate.
As the number increases and the environment worsens, a smaller number and a collapsed group of shapes will appear..
The diameter is ~ 100μm. (0.1 mm or less)
In the naked eye, it is possible to observe a very fine grain floating in the water..
To see in detail like an imageA microscope is requiredis.
[Collection place]
Gifu prefecture
[Shipping product]
・ Gonium of about 1000 or more in a 40ml test tube
[Things to prepare]
・ Soft water mineral water
・ A dropper
・ Transparent container that is difficult to fall over 100ml (preferably multiple)
・ Liquid fertilizer
[Culture method (procedure)]
1: Put mineral water in the container
2: Add liquid fertilizer (about 2 drops per 100 ml)
3: Put gonium
4: Still near the sunny window
5: The temperature is preferably 20 degrees or more
【important point】
・ Please do not use tap water. (It is unconfirmed whether pumped water is available)
・ Please do not release it outdoors.
・ Very active swim.
・ It is best to have a thin dropper and a microscope when planting it..
・ In winter, it is easy to control temperature if there is a “Midori Shokai Pitari Temperature Plus” that can be purchased on Amazon..
・ It can also be cultured with plant training lights sold on Amazon..
It is scheduled to be shipped with letter pack plus. There is no guarantee to areas that take more than 2 days to arrive, such as Hokkaido, such as Hokkaido, such as Hokkaido.. I would like to refrain from bidding in this area in this winter.
Because it is a living thing, it may not be possible to ship immediately depending on the weather..
I will ship it quite a lot and ship it..
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