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Bonsai Morimatsu tree height about 20cm, Juniperus rigida with toth stones Evergreen Swallow Tree Item
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥10,000 $72
Start price ¥10,000 $72
Buy-now ¥10,000 $72
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller haniwa_bonsai +1084
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-24T14:54:34+09:00
End time 2024-03-02T14:54:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number n1109084495
Seller position Mie Prefecture

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Bonsai Morimatsu tree height about 20cm and soy sauce with stake stone Evergreen squirrels
■ Because it is a plant, there is a change from the photos depending on the care of the shooting and the season depending on the shooting time and the season.. Please check the shooting date before ordering. [Morimatsu Bonsai]
The name of a tox is mainly called in the bonsai world, and it is painful that the leaves are crisp and it hurts when touched.. It is called by the name of rat and nes because this hard conifer was used for rat excesses on a rat passed..
Tree breed Morimatsu Toko
(Hinoki family: Evergreen tied tree)
size Tree height about 20 cm
Width about 16 cm
About 19 cm deep
Stunka about 1.5 cm
Shooting date Shooting date 2023/9/21
■ Because it is a plant, there is a change from the photos depending on the care of the shooting and the season depending on the shooting time and the season.. Please check the shooting date before ordering. ■ Please contact us when you enter the current photo.
Notes Please give water immediately after the product arrives. The color may differ from the actual one depending on the color development of the monitor. The product is only bonsai. (Tables, workbenches, accessories, etc. are for shooting. )
Care I like sunny and well -ventilated places. When the surface of the soil is dry, give water.
Store introduction Founded in January 2019, 2019, has been loved by the local community for many years, and has taken over the shop of "Yamano grass and horticultural goods sales Haniwa pottery garden" and specializes in bonsai specializing in bonsai! We have more than 10,000 items collected from all over the country. The number of new staff, including the president of bonsai lovers, is increasing, and we are having fun. [Haniwa no]
Bonsai, a traditional Japanese art. I've been breathing in people's lives for a long time and have attracted many literary people. The scenery is tailored in the pot, the branches, the expression of the trunk, the leaf figure, etc. feel nature and love.. It is a very deep thing with a Japanese spirit rooted. Bonsai now attracts many people in the future, attracting attention from the world as "BONSAI". Express the natural landscape in a pot, learn the time of time and effort, and feel the shift of the four seasons. We will propose a life with such a bonsai. [Products handled]
Bonsai Bonsai Bonsai Mini Bonsai Modern Bonsai Modern Bonsai Creation Bonsai Seasonal Bonsai Seasonal Bonsai Sale. It is a bonsai specialty store that handles bonsai bowls bonsai tools. [Use]
Present Gift Gift New Year's Valentine Day Hin Festival White Day Mother's Day of the Father's Day Chimmoto Swaring Day Christmas Eve New Year's Year Year Year -old Celebration Thank you for your Birthday Birthday wedding Gin Gin Gin Ginju Yoneju Sixteen Graduation beginner, etc.
[Tree species]
Kuromatsu Gotoya Gotomatsu Akamatsu Matsukatsu Morimatsu 1st place Cypress Cypress Cypress Cypress Cypress Kozuki Ume Tekuri Sakura Fuji Fuji Kaizuki Kakuri Kagami Kaga Kaika Kaika Kaika Kaika Ichika Ichi -Kevi Square Corner Akamatsu Akebi Singe Corner Akamatsu Akebi Square Chator Ukaede Kamatsuka Kingy Gye Ryu Bai Kinro Bai Kinro Bai Kinbi Kinro Bikinashi Gumi Kromatsu Bokusho Boku Bokushou Bai Baigo Koma Yumi Goyo Matsu Southern Southern Caprician Sarusberi Wawari Sanzai Sanzai Shiroshiroshidomi Shiroshidan Shiroshidan Shiroshitan Shrimp Singa Chinoki Juju Baijimen Tsuzumin Tsujimen Hinoki Tsuribana Mamoto Tsurumodoki Tekakura Tennow Bait Squid Shoukigi Hakusanboku Hakusanboku Hari Tsumasaki Himevokobu Himebikou Himelingo Pilacan Sabenabeni Utsugi Benishitan Boke Mayumi Murasakishikibu Mei Momiji Luck Lengo, etc.
Tokonobu Yamabo Yamahisa Hiyama Hayama Shibachi Rei Arashiyama Kuya Kuya Tsukika Kiri Midoru Shun -do Yuki Shohei Katsurabayashi Katsura
Store management number XB23092107
〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓
[Auction -type products (other than flat -rate products)]
Because it is a used item, there may be small missing, new, scratch dirt, etc. Depending on the light adjustment and the screen of the personal computer, the color may differ from the real thing. Please refrain from those who are nervous or who are required to perfection. Product names may not be accurate. Please be sure to look at the photos and make the judgment of the highest bidder.
Cancellation after it makes a successful bid can not be accepted. Please confirm your order within 48 hours after a successful bid. Please settle within 5 days after a successful bid.
Only pots can be packed at the same time. (It may not be possible depending on the size and number. )
Only a successful bid on the same day. Please contact us after a successful bid.
Precautions at the time of paymentAs soon as the shipping fee is decided, we will correct the amount here. The shipping fee changes depending on the size and weight of the box.If you are summarized, please contact us before payment.In the case of a convenience store payment or bank transfer, please contact us before payment (how much will the shipping cost be?). We will reply to the correct payment amount.
After shipping, we will inform you of the tracking number. After arriving, take it out of the box immediately and check it. If there is no contact or payment, we will cancel the highest bidder convenience. Thank you.
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