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German Iris seedlings pink lump
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,800 $13
Start price ¥1,800 $13
Buy-now ¥1,800 $13
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller acaranarta +2191
Condition Used
Start time 2023-12-05T12:49:31+09:00
End time 2023-12-08T12:49:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number n1115301105
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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About 1.9kg referring to here

German Iris seedlings.
Beautiful flowers of salmon pink bloom.
It may not be time to touch it now, but it will be dug up to organize the flowerbed..
It is in a state where sprout is coming out of old large stocks. The roots are quite out.
I'm thinking of shipping this lump without falling apart.
(Depending on the condition of the box, it may be divided into two. )
The lump in the photo is about 1.9kg. We will send you at the same level based on this.
It will be shipped in the evening at Kuroneko Yamato, so if it is an arrival area the next day, I think that damage will be considerably reduced..
We are not thinking about shipping seedlings at the post office. (Related to the reception hours)
I hope you can think of it as about 2 km in the range of Kuroneko Yamato 80 size boxes..
I'm sorry, but please bear the shipping cost. This is Osaka.
I'm not used to shipping the seedlings, so if you have any instructions to be careful at the time of shipping.
I would like to make it as much as possible as much as possible..
If you have any requests for simultaneous simultaneous shipment, please let us know when you make a successful bid..
At the time of shipping, we may consult with the desired time zone.. Thank you.
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