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【Certificate of authenticity with full refund guarantee 古谷三敏 autograph colored paper down and
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥19,800 $194
Start price ¥19,800 $194
Buy-now ¥24,800 $243
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Seller w64sh2008 +58
Condition New
Start time 2020-02-15T16:36:48+09:00
End time 2020-02-21T23:36:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n370294842
Seller position Tokyo

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In 2016~2019 and Exhibition Master gold Rank 4 consecutive years!ヤフオク! 出品マスター ゴールドTotal more than 300 a rating of"very good"information..

【Certificate of authenticity with full refund guarantee 古谷三敏 autograph colored paper down and
Product Details
Sign:autograph illustration: autographIn Weekly Shonen Sunday 12 years and the long-term series became popular in the"down and"the more the authorship of the
古谷三敏 teacher autograph online paper in. The current Boy Magazine has posted an impossible story extremely close to the depiction from the cruel gag is the one and only
There is an extreme changing, etc., a way unique make is known as. In 1974, the TV anime was produced on TV Tokyo's first in-house production of the animated series and. BAR lemon heart known through the fitted towards towards the painted parts will. Collection and about the interior of the room please. Colored paper for the frame was placed in the state and we will send. (The Buy It Now Price is the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,high-grade luxury the forehead all framed products.. )Appraisal・the examination of art and design's professional organizations cooperation have been. After purchase support support for all bids please.
In case
Product warranty card and certificate of authenticity, and we will. Also, the highest bidder to support information,about the product semi-permanently Yes, we can.. We take all the responsible measures to ensure the shipment is done correctly, if Kazuma correct product and not the successful bid amount ofFull Money Back GuaranteeI will do. Full Money Back Guarantee is our company only!Refund trouble zeroThe achievements of the industry to support it..
Paper,appraisal inspection certificate, high-quality glass frame with
Yahoo business! TA-Q-bin or Yu-pack in.
・First Deposit(Deposit)as days to Deposit itSplits can be purchasedis. After the difference of the balance to split the payment as well. ・Bad rating in order to bid on the deal without that is a bad review about unscrupulous contractors of harassing measures in order to
Sometimes ID change exhibited is support to change things is not in the past refund in trouble
Your number is zero.. Selling fake unscrupulous traders have access to as slander of harass you can refund trouble zero
Experience all the story about..・We exhibit a trace of the product the seller be careful. serafisu3(Arrests made)god_boss_www kngcfllvxhe943822467(Our exhibit of trace components to produce a very vicious counterfeit suppliers)athev07977(Internet images found on the complete trace to exhibit the poor quality of the malicious entity).
Our exhibit or ID cheats, the grounds of no lie about Bulletin Board writing to the person or
A bad rating in order to purchase intention of not bid such that the malicious harassment a person is in.. Malicious contractors by harassing acts,
An auction bid of the sabotage of the Civil Code Article 709 of the(tort damages)By sues and Yahoo to make a report on.. Also, harassment is too vicious, if the name and address all over the Internet and expose. (Now the name of the name and address are known. )

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