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Everyone loves! Recorder hit Book Doremi Score Publisher Editorial Department (Author), Nikko Kiyo (Editor)
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Everyone loves! Recorder hit Book Doremi Score Publisher Editorial Department (Author), Nikko Kiyo (Editor)
Description of item Everyone loves! Recorder hit book
Doremi Score Publisher Editorial Department (Author), Nikko Kiyo (Editor)
Registration information
Sheet music: page 136
Publisher: Doremi Score Publisher; B5 Version (2012/3/5)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4285132400
ISBN-13: 978-4285132403
Release date: 2012/3/5
Packaging Size: 25.6 x 17.8 x 1.2 cm
Fixed price 2000 yen + tax
table of contents
1 ● «Sopranori Coder»
2 Artist when starts: Ayaka (Composition: Ayaka)
Three Twob Sanicoi Artist: Kanjanyite (Composition: FACE 2 Fake)
4 Empty Artists Not Empty Artists: Arashi (Composition: QQ)
5dear Snow Artist: Arashi (Composition: Kohsuke OHSHIMA)
6 Thank you artist: Ikimonogakari (Composition: Yuki Mizuno)
7 Letters ~ Dear Sirs to the fifteen-artist: Angella Aki (Composition: Angella Aki)
March 9 Artist: Remioromen (Composition: Yuta Fujimaki)
9Jupiter Artist: Ayaka Hirahara (Composition: G. Horst)
10i Believe Artist: Ayaka (Composition: Yoshio Nishio, Ayaka)
11 Road Artist: EXILE (Composition: MIWA Furuse)
12hello Again-Long-up to older location-Artist: My Little Lover (Composition: Keji Fujii, Take Kobayashi)
13 Cherry Artist: Kobukuro (Composition: Kentaro Kento, Shunsuke Kuroda)
14 Hanamizuki Artist: Ichigo (Composition: Mashikotatsurou)
15 In addition to you, I'm in love with you: Sakamoto Winter Beauty (Composition: Moriyaki Mori)
16 On the day of traveling (Composition: Hiromi Sakamoto)
17 Ponyo on the cliff (composed by Hisaishi)
18 Gegege no Kitaro (Composition: Izumi)
19 Baroque Houdown (Composition: JACQUES PERREY, GERSHON KINGSLEY)
20 wolf something is not scared (composition: f.churchill)
21 Mickey Mouse March (Composition: Jimmie Dodd)
It becomes 22 WA-Illeani- (Composition: Previous Taro)
23takumi / Takumi Artist: Matsutani Taketa (Composition: Matsutani Table)
24Tomorrow Artist: Sugimoto Ryuichi (Composition: Sugimoto Ryuichi)
25 Sally Garden (Composition: Ireland Folk Songs)
26 deep river (composer: black spirit song)
27 Alle Women-"Menuet" (Composition: G. Bizee)
28 Flute Quartet No. 1 1st Making (Composition: W. A. ​​Mozart)
29 Piccolo Concerto Hauge Tone 2nd Move (Composition: A. Vivaldi)
30 Cavalerial Sty Chana Play (Composition: P. Mascini)
31 Mark Artists to Tomorrow: Atsushi Shibata (Composition: Yoshida Shibata)
32 Winter Rose Artist: Tohoshinki (Composition: Erik Lidbom, Jeff Miyahara)
33 Courage 100% (Composition: Horizontal Nobu)
34 Music room after school (composition: Gontichi)
35 Garden Chicken (Composition: Ireland Folk Songs)
36 Please make me cry (from the opera "Linal de") (Composition: G. Handel)
37 ● «Soprano or Altricider»
38 His Artist I want to be gentle: Saito Kazuyoshi (Composition: Saito Hatsushi)
39 His Artist to You: EXILE (Composition: Massicot Tatsurou)
40 HEARTFUL VOICE Artist: Tacky & Wings (Composition: Hideyaka Iwata)
41 Heavy Rotation Artist: AKB 48 (Composition: Yamazaki 燿)
42 Marmal Morimori! Artist: Sometimes and Tomorrow Mook (Composition: Koji Miyashita)
43 ● «Altricoader»
44 Let's become a family Artist: Masaharu Fukuyama (Composition: Masaharu Fukuyama)
45 Stone Artists of the Strong Machine: Kinki Kids (Composition: Mashikotatsurou)
46 One Antist: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS (Composition: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, Kawamura Village)
47 Born in this world Artist: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS (Composition: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, YANAGIAN)
48 Whenever we are artist: Ikimonogakari (Composition: Yamashita Yuto)
49Love So Sweet Artist: Arashi (Composition: Youth Case)
50 Labyrinth Love Song Artist: Arashi (Composition: IIISAK, DYCE TAYLOR)
51 Walking Artists: Plush (Composition: Yoshiki Mizuno)
52Eyes on Me Artist: Superfly (Composition: Mototakaichi 1)
53 Tomorrow is the artist: Koh Shoko (Composition: Nakamura 8 Univ.)
54 Hare Heaven Reukai (Composition: Toshinichi Tadaichi)
55 Best Wisch! (Composition: Tanakahiro)
56 singing! (Composition: Maekayuki Maezawa)
57 thousand winds (Composition: Neki)
58 Graduation Artists: Takahashi Yu (Composition: Takahashi Yu)
59 Toilet God Artist: Village Hanasa (Composition: Village Hanasa)
60 Siciliana (Flute Sonata BWV1031) (Composition: J. S. Bach)
61 ● «Sopranori Coder Duo»
62 Country Road (Composition: B. DANOFF, T. Nivert, J. DENVER)
It becomes 63 thousand winds (composition: Nii well)
64 Manificato ~ "Aria" (Composition: P. P. Teleman)
65 Please make me cry (from the opera "Linardo") (Composition: G. Handel)
66 Aveverm Corps (Composition: W. A. ​​Mozart)
67 ● «Soprano & Altricoader Duo»
68 Chocobo Theme (Composition: Uematsuo)
69 Goodbye Summer-Kokuriko Saka-(Composition: Sakata Sakata)
70 Look up and the stars of the night Artist: Sakamoto Kim (Composition: Izumi)
71 On the day of traveling (Composition: Hiromi Sakamoto)
72 Toy Symphony (Composition: L. Mozart)
73 Dance of the person (from the opera "Egori") (Composition: A. Borodin)
74 Little trees fruit (composition: G. Bizee)
75 Green Sleeves Variations (Composition: British Folk Songs)
76 Siciliana (Composition: Unregistered (Lespie Hen))
77 Italian Ground (Composition: Robert Car)
78 London Delhi Song (Composition: Ireland Folk Songs)
79 Spring Day Flower and Shining (Composition: Unlimited)
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