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Black A4 RIN DEN clipboard binder a4 PU with leather card business card holder note paper pen lightweight luxury
Auction ends 2 hours
Current price ¥599 $6
Start price ¥599 $6
Buy-now ¥1,099 $12
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ngltm00903 +184
Condition New
Start time 2020-05-27T11:47:53+09:00
End time 2020-05-28T02:47:52+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n396826011
Seller position Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

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Product Details Black A4 RIN DEN clipboard binder a4 PU with leather card business card holder note paper pen lightweight luxury
[More smart business talks] RINDEN special clipboard is a smart file that can all be important documents storage. Documents and business cards, and cards, and receipts with a clean state, respectively, so you can be housed, will no doubt be the efficiency of the business rises. We have a product development to the concept of "good things more cheaply" in the [Japanese design and generous support] our. We realize a low price by our own efforts to cut the design and intermediate margin that can be precisely because the Japanese to the limit. In addition, we also firmly trimmed after-sales follow-up system by Japanese. [Storage space can afford this clipboard is a gem skilled in practicality, so as not to embarrass the storage, we have a lot of space is reserved. Put card pocket and notes, put business card holder and photos, pen holder and, such as the binder, there are applications that can not be introduced. Business not only, also active in the job hunting. To the pen and notebook with] Customers who you buy, put gratitude, as a gift, we will be selling a ball-point pen and notebook in the clipboard and set. If [satisfaction one year warranty] If you lost, because there is a manufacturers one year warranty for peace of mind, it is all right even if you buy to try. RINDEN The special guests clipboard who purchased, for whatever reason, the exchange, will accept a refund. In that case, along with your order number, please contact the manufacturer.
Payment details ○ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
※ Please understand that we can not respond to other payment methods.
Shipment details About Shipping
■ After payment is confirmed, ships within 1-2 business days
■ delivery method: Yamato Transport, post office, multi-channel services, will be one of the ships outsourced warehouse. ■ Product per piece uniform nationwide carriage 1480 yen Hokkaido, Okinawa, the island is also shipping 1480 yen

■ Since I have one thing over the are sending in partnership with warehouse, does not offer also select shipping method at the same time, please understand. ■ bear center, we can not do, such as general delivery.
Price that has been expressed is the amount for a single item. Shipping of collectively deal
Two successful bid, 1480 yen Tasu1430 yen
Three or more successful bid, 1480 yen Tasu1430 yen Tasu1380 yen ...
Collectively deal smoothly you can dealings and you can a message with "mailing understanding" after a successful bid. ●
Check the carriage I hope the tender from. When you can not convince the shipping can not be traded canceled, it will be considered as the highest bidder convenience cancellation. ●
Title, size, which is referred to at the beginning of the item description, will be the color of the color or the top image. Please let us know if the changes you would like in addition to the color that has been introduced in the explanatory text if. You may be able to provide if the remaining goods. Products that have not been notation Please show the size of your choice after a successful bid. In this case if there is no Kibounisou things, it will be considered as transaction canceled without each other evaluation. Please be assured that I will consider it as refund from the Yahoo! Auctions side If you have finished the payment. ▲
Collectively traded, shipped shipping is one day 1480 yen, two eyes Tasu1430 yen, three subsequent Tasu1380 yen
On the mechanism of the alliance warehouse, you may want to refuse the ship. ※ ▲ successful bid mistake, I will consider it as successful bidder convenience cancellation. Please be careful. After more than a successful bid, and from dealings Navi that "there is shipping understanding" you can the message, you can smooth dealings. ●
Payment after a successful bid, I need your help by "within 60 hours". Also it is allowed to send ships from time to time in other media. Margin we have, but, because of the order of payment of the corresponding, successful bid day, after the next day,
There is a case where I am rarely allowed to take the necessary procedure of refund not match the timing. ●
Has been described in the legend for the "support method" or "warranty period", it will be assumed by the manufacturer corresponding. Please contact us directly to manufacturers. Defective product, if another commodity there is a problem such as that has been delivered, please contact me from dealings Navi. ●
Dealings by stocking purposes in individuals are not allowed. Only the direction of the intended use of the in user or relatives please give me a bid. ●
On our side, for any events and accidents that occurred when the commodity you use, do not take the compensation and responsibilities. For inquiries, please contact the manufacturer directly. ●
Returned or exchanged other than the bug does not correspond. ●
After the arrival to the product, it can not be returned or the commodity that has been added to the hand. The size, can not be returned in the change desired color. Please contact to dealings Navi within three days after goods receipt If you have any other any problems.
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