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Color silver iBUFFALO headset ear wire clip type silver BSHSE01SV
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,926 $30
Start price ¥2,926 $30
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller lktgm69562 +105
Condition New
Start time 2020-04-26T06:26:22+09:00
End time 2020-04-29T06:26:22+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number n410003965
Seller position Aichi-ken

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Color silver iBUFFALO headset ear wire clip type silver BSHSE01SV
Description of item Maximum input:5mW
Type: clip(earbud ear), stereo/mono:mono, structure: open type, noise canceling: non-compliant
Surround: non-compliant, wireless: non-compliant, interface: Mini plug(2 pin)
Frequency band(L):20Hz, frequency band(H):20000Hz
Color: silver
Brand: Buffalo
Nice to meet you. Raising children and the town of Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture activities in all 33 years of baseball in..
2-year-old son and sister of the wife a family of 3 in.
The history is 2 years..
The first exhibition of the
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Purchased by the highest bidder looking for a product like it was in
Very satisfied.
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In the good deliver the goods can be fun to know.
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1 person in a lot of the successful bidder to provide a good product so that we can deliver
My best luck at all..
【The exhibition of the 3 One Only】
1・Always highest bidder viewpoint corresponding
2・the highest bidder on the satisfactory goods to sell
3・reply to respond to you within 24 hours
Thank you for your cooperation.
1・bid to bid it..
2・after a successful bid. from trading to shipping,payment methods, choose.
3・Yahoo! I settled in to complete the payment.
4・payment after the completion
【Same day shipping mind you.】
1-2 days of shipping ready to
The goods after dispatch, will receive a shipping Contact.
5・shipping information
【About 1 to 4 days]
The goods arrival time..
* Please before bidding the following please be sure to read the notes.
☆After payment confirmation same day shipping mind you..
1-2 days of shipping ready to
Multiple sales locations at the same time for the exhibition
Depending on the timing if item is out of stock
You can
【Each other and the assessment, click here.
In the transaction bar..
☆In this case, complete the payment if you have to
[Product price+shipping charges in full】
To a customers Bank account to the
Full refund on all.
☆A return to flexible or
Lover(the big problem)if there was
Within 3 days, if the return on..
You should promptly and politely
The highest bidder in the eyes of your response in mind can
Please offer a bid in comfort.
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1, credit card
2, Bank transfer・Internet banking
3, convenience to pay
Other payment methods you can choose please buy with confidence.
【Shipping fee】
☆Nationwide equal 1 point 990 yen (tax included)
※For trading are welcome. For the transaction if the shipping is a little cheaper so you can
Please feel free to contact us.
For trading goods 1 point one separately sending you. Arrival around that sometimes..
【shipping method】
It ships from the agency of our contract. Usually it is after the completion of payment
Confirmation of payment and shipping processing, usually 1 to 2 days only
Shipment after 1~4 days to arrival you..
※Solid color other than agents of the package
Product received may please note that.
※Delivery method, the Agency is the best shipping method
Selection looking.
※ Tracking number is managed here. Any chance of delivery in case of an accident, the
Here is the responsibly of the product tracking will.
※Shipping time specify can. If you wish to trade navigation please contact us. However, in some areas it is not able to respond to the
You can see the.
Your understanding, your note on your bid please.
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