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Full Metal Panic! All 26 pieces All 12 Volume + Fumofu Full 6 Volume + The Second RAID ACT3 All 7 Volume + The Second Raid Special Edition OVA Rental Falling Fall
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥10,594 $105
Start price ¥10,594 $105
Buy-now ¥10,594 $105
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller kingya_net +14120
Condition Used
Start time 2021-04-12T06:53:15+09:00
End time 2021-04-19T06:53:15+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number n470332821
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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title Full Metal Panic! All 26 pieces All 12 Volume + Fumofu Full 6 Volume + The Second RAID ACT3 All 7 Volume + The Second Raid Special Edition OVA Rental Falling Falling Full Volume Set Used DVD
JANCODE 4532640900144
Part number Kwba14rset26
Appearance Sekiichi (Seijiya) / Yukino May (Chidori Kaname) / Yukana (Tessa Testarossa) / Miki Shinichiro (Kurts Weber) / Tomoko Negota (Melissa Mao) / Otsuka Karinin / Tanaka Masahiko (Gaurun) / Yusuke Kimura (Tokiwa Reiko) / Nasu Kenko (Kamobu Nobu)
directed by Thousand
Original work Kogo Building / Four Seasons
Production year, time 2001 1299 minutes
Maker Clock Works
Genre Anime / TV Anime / Action / Hero / SF / Robot / Comedy / Labromance
Category DVD set Complete plus alpha set
Summary A juvenile mercenary organization that belongs to Misril, who belongs to Misril, enroll in Japan's Tokyo Metropolitan High School in order to protect high school girls and chidagles that are targeted for terrorist organizations.. However, the peaceful everyday thing is totally familiar, and she moves around the firewrox and causes a big noise.. Robot action called Arm Sleeve (AS), and the exquisite mix of Gakuen Dotabatarab rice, which is called Atsuke.
please read ※ Product description such as appearance, synopsis is "full metal panic!". [Storage title]
■ Full Metal Panic! All 12 volumes
■ Full Metal Panic! Fumofu all six volumes
■ Full Metal Panic! The second RAID ACT3 All 7 volumes
■ Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid Special Edition OVA
Arrival day 2021-02-06
※※※※※※※※※ "Please be sure to read before a successful bid" ※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※※※ "About the commodity and dispatch" ※※※※※※※※※※※※Available at the Heibai with other mall. There is a case to be out of stock by the timing of your order. DVD is what most had been used in the used goods and rental shop. There are times when there is no accessory such as liner notes are by products. We are performing a playback confirmation and cleaning of DISC from us order. ※ There is a problem with the playback, if there is no stock, there is a case where I am allowed to cancel. For orders we will be charged to up to 8 am, it will be accepted on the same day. Sunday for the regular holiday, please contact will be the next day. I will send it out from Fukuoka Prefecture. There is a possibility to deliver a standard front and rear by region.※※※※※※※※※※ "For rental up goods" ※※※※※※※※※Previous is DVD / CD that has been used in the rental shop. That the big difference between normal and pre-owned products, is that rental shops "are pasted management seal" that he was using. That there is no difference, such as the contents of the work, there is no problem at all to you for watching. Image is an image sample image. The actual product, aging due to sunburn, there are times, such as when there is such a tear. Please acknowledge it beforehand. To DVD for the toll the case of the same 14mm thickness as those which are generally sold by replacing the jacket disk we have ships. In the case of three or more of the product set, there is a case where I am allowed to ship in soft case.※※※※※※※※※※ "for the shipping method" ※※※※※※※※※The delivery method - will be shipped by . ※ some non-standard-size mail is depending on the product, also the number of a lot of set products such as, there is a case to be shipped by courier. Delivery method Please acknowledge it beforehand because it does not can choose.※※※※※※※※※※※※※※"Precautions"※※※※※※※※※※※※※※Our shop is because it uses the system of Yahoo! Auctions store, we do not use the business navigator. All contact us after a successful bid, we will guide you in the "transaction message".E-mail can not be delivered (come back with an error), we have more and more customers who contact you with not received.Please be sure to check the reception setting (filter, spam mail setting, etc.) of registered e-mail address but registered. Transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder. We have established a bid limit. Please understand that significantly can not lower bid because of evaluation. After a successful bid, it will also if you can not connect it as deletion on successful bidder convenience standing more than 3 days. As mentioned above, we will accept the above notes by bidding.
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