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1 box of sea shelves -Hokkai specialty (Yamaka) Tarako 2kg 2 major
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,980 $38
Start price ¥4,980 $38
Consumption tax 8% not included
Seller yontokun +30204
Condition New
Start time 2023-09-29T13:30:02+09:00
End time 2023-10-01T22:28:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o1108093444
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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◆ Product introductionPlease refer to the table below for details of the product.
Item Description
Product name Yamaka's Tarako 2kg
Product introduction Yamaka, famous for the number of children, made it, in the super -that it is a little bit.. Includes 2kg of Yamakak brand. It's delicious ♪ Please take this opportunity to enjoy it.. Note) It is Hokkaido processing. Please rest assured.Please see other products.
About consumption tax * The consumption tax will be an external tax system. * Separate consumption tax will be charged.. (Product price refers to the successful bid amount + consumption tax) In addition, in the case of the desired successful bid, it will be included. It can be bundled with other frozen products.

◆ About shippingPlease refer to the following table for delivery method and shipping fee.
shipping method Carriage
Yamato frozen flight ● Shipping costs of sea shelves. 10kg including freezing flight cooling fee, up to 100 sizes, Kansai, Chugoku Central Hokuriku is 1180 yen
Kanto Shinetsu Kyushu is 1260 yen
South Tohoku 1370 yen
North Tohoku 1450 yen
Hokkaido 1700 yen
Okinawa 2720 yen

The listed shipping fee may differ from the actual shipping fee. Please acknowledge that I will assume the stated price as the shipping cost.
Please refer to the following table for payment method.
Payment Method Description
Bank transfer Japan Net Bank
Kubo Yoshiaki
Postal transfer Pururu account
Kubo Yoshiaki
Cash on delivery 315 yen up to 10,000 yen
10,000 yen or more 420 yen

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