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Clarion Addzest Nissan 6 Disc Magazine CAA-122 Nissan Clarion Azest CD CD CD CD Magazine For 6 sheets deodorized Long-term indoor storage 4
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,100 $8
Start price ¥1,100 $8
Buy-now ¥1,399 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yoiotorihiki +663
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-14T22:52:46+09:00
End time 2024-04-21T22:52:45+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o1117389335
Seller position Mie Prefecture

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With cover and index seal Bactericidal deodorant cleaning
With cover and index seal

With cover and index seal

ADDZEST NISSAN 6 Disc Magazine CAA-122 Nissan Clarion Azest CD CD CD Magazine For Magazine 6 sheets Deodorized deodorized 15 years or more indoor storage 4 index seals (2 times in 1 sheet, so you can use it twice)
No. 4 is our management number. It is a magazine attached to the 1996 Simai Wide LCD model (late model).. Nobody smokes and nobody smokes during indoor storage, so there is no worry about cigarettes or tobacco. It was stored in a room without a kitchen, so there is no worry about oil smoke when cooking. I don't have any pets, so I don't have to worry about pet smells or pets. It seems that I did not use it much, so it is pretty beautiful as a product at that time. Please judge by the image because it was quite close -up. I put a cleaner on a tissue or cotton swab to clean the magazine and tray. Therefore, there is no need to clean after a successful bid, so you can use it comfortably. I will send it by letter pack plus. Many other magazines for CD changers are exhibited. If you can not send it with a letter pack plus if you want to bundle with 2 or more points, the shipping method may change and the shipping fee may change.. Please contact us in the question column. Two of these magazines are exhibited. If it is a 2 -point bid, it can be bundled with the letter pack plus. Ekisiac cleaner is not a product.
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