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【KAP】125692 Gemini JT150 left clearance lamp
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥3,500 $35
Start price ¥3,500 $35
Buy-now ¥3,500 $35
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller koya_ap2 +12862
Condition Used (Details are described in the item description)
Start time 2020-04-01T17:17:00+09:00
End time 2020-04-08T16:17:50+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o173741216
Seller position Kobe city, Hyogo Pref

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=========================================================== ========Our company's exhibited products are all inspected (operation checked) and have a guarantee of security.=========================================================== ========
In auction, no claim no return is naturally taken, but we will accept claims and returns as well. Please be sure to read all the contents of the description, please bid.
■ Product Details · It is a commodity that can conduct judging strictly before exhibition and judge usable. · Information such as scratches is described in the image or the table below, so please check. · When there is no description about the state, there are no major breakage etc, please judge it as model year.
【Parts Detail】
Part name [Control number] Left clearance lamp [000012569211100]
Parts manufacturer Koito Information 1
Product number 1 212-21448 Information 2
Part Number 2 Information 3
State [Scrapes, scraped 0. 5×0.1 cm][small wound a little]
[Vehicle details]
Company name Isuzu Model year 1989/10
Car model Gemini Number of doors
grade Mileage About 68000km
Model E-JT150 Body shape 3 HB
Full model JT150 Displacement 1500
Chassis number 7137718 Fuel type gasoline
Exterior color Engine model 4XC1
Color No Mission type 3FT
Trim No Drive system 4 × 2
※ If there is an unclear point in the contents of the notation, please question.
■ Transaction method ※ Our company does not use order form ※ 1. After a successful bid,our customers of the Yahoo! Registered to the address mail will be delivered. Subject line is "Successful bid item title". (We will send it within the next business day. Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact us by message board or telephone. )

2. In the email reply and fill out the form, then please reply. ↓
3. Shipping including final payment amount to send you an email. · The person who selected cash on delivery shipping, because the procedure is completed, please wait for the item arrival as it is. · The person who selected bank transfer, Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts, please pay each respectively. (We will send it within the next business day. Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact us by message board or telephone. )

4. Once the Bank informs us that payment has been made the goods shipped. (Please note that payment can not be confirmed if you do not inform us of the transfer name. )

5. Shipping after the completion,contact number and email.
■ Payment / shipment 【Payment】
· The bank transfer transfer fee is borne by the customer. · Cash on delivery shipping fee is separately charged (fees vary depending on the total amount)
· The payment confirmation until 14:00 is shipped the same day. Shipped the next business day after. (One shipment per day shipping)
■ Please · Our company also sells other than Yahoo! Auction. There are things that have already been sold at other times upon bidding. Please acknowledge it beforehand. · Rarely due to errors in listing, product title · description and images may be different. In such cases, sorry to trouble you, but to our company
Please confirm it is. - In order to advance dealings smoothly without trouble, please be sure to ask in the above transaction method ??? ___ ___ ___ 0. Some customers strongly desire other communication methods by some customers, but in that case "canceled due to customer's convenience"
We may also terminate your dealings. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
Notes · There are things called "not installable" or "does not work" even if the model and model etc are the same for the automotive parts. Is there any mistake on the product that is considering bidding? What? What? If you are uneasy please do not hesitate to contact usContact UsPlease. In that case, be sure to mention the car verification【Chassis number】 【Model specification number】 【Classification division number】Please inform us. However, conformity check at our company is limited to domestically produced cars. For foreign cars, we ask you for yourself. · For products bid or bid successfully without conformity check with our company, we do not accept any cancellation / returns due to product differences. · We will not reply to questions after bidding. Please be sure to question before bidding. · Even if "product availability" of "product returns" is "returnable", it is the same as the guarantee below to accept returns. * Please let me deal with bids as contents that you can agree to all the contents of the description. For trouble avoidance, please understand and understand.
■ About warranty [Guarantee applying conditions]
• The Company in performs a conformity check, to obtain an answer of "fit"
· There is a clear error in the exhibition information (except in the case of some differences of position and rust and deterioration, such as scratches on the exterior)
Initial poor, have and can contact you within 7 days from the shipping
- There is corruption not to exhibition information in the product upon arrival, it is and can contact you within 7 days from the shipping
- is completely different from a successful bid goods
- as much as possible we will provide the same degree of substitute article. · In the case of no substitute, we will refund the amount paid to our company.
* There is no compensation for wages, parts fees, other damages, which was incurred by the warranty for products only.
Hut Auto Part
Nakatsu Hirano cho Nishi-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 651-2257 1338
【Opening Hours】 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
【Closed】 We refer to the upper left calendar on this page (Question reply, e-mail reply, shipping etc during business days are all closed. )
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