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IBM workstation Intellistation M Pro 6229 Pentium 4
Auction ends 8 hours
Current price ¥5,000 $51
Start price ¥5,000 $51
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller cocokyonshi +2889
Condition Used
Start time 2020-07-08T21:37:17+09:00
End time 2020-07-11T21:37:17+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o326399773
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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【Product name】
IBM workstation Intellistation M Pro 6229 Pentium 4
[Goods state]
Used current goods
* When you do not know what will happen in the case of old machinery products.
It seems that if I have used almost without problem but guarantee I am afraid that I can not.
As you would appreciate your favor that you will be sure to confirm We bid the following product information.
[Product information]
We have confirmed the following operation check. It does not have done all of the confirmation.
The BIOS screen Check,start, etc. review.
After launch, lock screen for later review is not done.
We will make sure We tender the image.
Us, we can not know more because it is not a professional.
Scratch to get in on the use, [sure], and so we will bid on who understand there may be a sunburn, etc.
The thing of the image becomes all. It is an exhibition of only the main body.
With respect to the cords, please understand that there is a case where the dynamic 確用 Komu Ballmer is not the accessory.
It becomes present condition delivery.
I need your help by a no claim and a no return.
Yu-pack: 140 size
Prefecture: 1,750 yen
Hokkaido: 2,450 yen
Northeast: 2,450 yen
Kanto, Shin-Etsu: 2,220 yen
Hokuriku, Tokai, Okinawa: 2,020 yen
Kinki, Shikoku: 1,910 yen
Chugoku, and Kyushu: 1,800 yen
It becomes former payment dispatch from Fukuoka. Nikanshimashite postage, because it becomes amateur measurement, there are times when the size to be before and after but not refund go.
We are sorry, direct transactions【handed, etc.], shipping company,shipping method changes,multiple purchases of ships, etc. and please note that we do not.
Golden Week, Bon, year-end and New Year holidays, please understand that it may be delayed by weather, etc.
During the day, to ship so we have to work usually two or three days I have shipped in, but it may take about a week for up Please note.
If you hurry, we will respond as soon as possible if you can connect.
[Transfer method]
Yahoo! easy settlement
[To the new one]
Evaluation, the newer one is sorry very much, thank you payment within three days after a successful bid.
It is not only the newer one, but hard marked with contact, especially in the newer one up to now, the person who payment is late
Since there was a lot we have been such a hope because it will ask for your understanding and cooperation your.
[To those who are the purchase]
Trading after the rare purchase might not proceed smoothly.
In that case, understand that I will consider it as cancellation by the highest bidder convenience, we wish the cooperation your.
In addition, the cancellation after a bid, please understand that it does not accept.
[Regarding evaluation]
With regard to evaluation, so we will send your in getting the evaluation towards the evaluation is not needed will be please to not be evaluated.
Evaluation does not perform 2019/5 or later. We appreciate your understanding.
[Returned goods, with respect to refund]
Return because we assume a successful bid to understand all for any circumstances, repayment is not free.
Thank you for your understanding and bidding.
About junk goods]
That could only energizing confirmation, it refers to the part that does not confirm the operation.
With regard to junk goods, please understand that it is not carried out any guarantee.
About used goods]
It is a used article what can check the operation even part confirm the operation.
I think that rarely there is also damage and the like due to aging of the internal components, but please understand that it is not carried out any guarantee.
Please offer a bid after understanding.
【About cancellation】
Cancellations after the bidding, so I can not respond to those who understand the Product Description.
[About packing]
Because things do not have the original box is almost will be a minimum of packing.
Guarantee because it becomes a used article can not be.
[For guaranteed]
Warranty does not go because there is no expertise for any case. Please offer a bid after understanding.
【About the question】
We do not accept at all with respect to the contents of the questions that we have described in the item description.
Please give me a bid of on an understanding of the Product Description.
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