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Temperature controller / thermo-switch LED AC power supply temperature sensor English manual included with the temperature controller temperature switch thermostat AC100V
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Description of item The micro controller using the temperature controller in.. The relay devices connected to the control. Set at a temperature higher than the relay ON,the set temperature, the relay ON both to work.. Working voltage AC 90V ~ 250V at. Household AC100V will.
Product information [Set contents]
・Main body
・Waterproof temperature sensor(cord length 1m)
・English Manual
・Set at a temperature higher than the relay ON,the set temperature, the relay ON both. ・Set the temperature in the vicinity of the ON, OFF repetition of the proof. Scale range configurable. ・Wrong Operation Prevention. The highest temperature, the lowest temperature setting limit. ・Display value correction function. ・Delay operation setting. ・The timer OFF setting function. [Specification]
・Working voltage AC 90V ~ 250V±10% 50/60Hz
・Power consumption 3W or less
・Measuring temperature range -50℃ ~ 110℃
・Measurement error ±0.3℃
・Temperature setting range -50℃ ~ 110℃
・Temperature sensor NTC thermistor(code length 1m)
・Relay contact capacity 10A/AC220V
・Operating temperature and humidity range temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃, humidity 90%RH(no condensation)
※The back of the terminal portion of the cover outside use. Mounting is possible with the connection code to the excessive force and more.. ※Relay contact capacity is 10A is sufficient have a please use. Connected devices W the number of the guideline is as follows. Heater such as a resistance load on the 550W or below, Motors and other inductive loads 138W below,the incandescent light bulb 110W below.
About payment method ◆ Price substitution
◆ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
◆ Bank transfer (JNB)
about shipping cost ■ Courier service◆ COD fee
500 yen [tax exclusion]
About enclosure Dispatch by enclosure is also possible. Additional shipping fee when bundled is 500 yen. Please contact us from the demand column of order form when you wish to bundle. ※ In the case of products other than shipping charges, please refer to additional shipping fee when bundling the item there. ※ In the case of bundled, additional shipping fee will be charged separately when bundled, even for the same item. ※ In the case of bundling, the additional shipping fee will be charged for each bundle from the other items as the basis for the highest shipping cost item. * Items that can not be bundled depending on the size of the item will be shipped individually.
Notes ■ Depending on the grade of the model, depending on the year, there are cases where it can not be installed, so be sure to check before purchasing, thank you. ■ We recommend that the installation be carried out by specialized vendors and others. After peeling off the double-sided tape in such scuff refund in any case, it will not be able to exchange such correspondence is done. Be sure to check the fitting before peeling double-sided tape. ■ Customers are responsible for the fees and charges related to installation. There is no warranty etc in any case. Please be sure to confirm the product with initial failure. ■ Depending on the car, processing may be necessary. ■ Support for products is not done at our shop. Please ask a specialist. ■ This product is imported goods, there may be color unevenness, peeling, threads, rust etc. ■ Although it is somewhat, the case content, specifications are subject to change without notice.
About guarantee ◆ If you need a long-term guarantee please purchase expensive items from other companies that contain guarantee fee. ◆ Since the product warranty will be a copy of the shipping voucher, keep it carefully during the warranty period. ◆ We stock in large quantities, but when there is out of stock due to popular items is also Onza い ま す. ◆ If you are in a hurry please make a successful bid after checking the stock. ◆ Cancellation can not be accepted even if there is insufficient stock, so please be forewarned. ◆ Since the shipping voucher will be substituted for the warranty card, please keep it. ◆ Be sure to check the operation before installation. In any case we can not guarantee the desorption fee. ◆ Please understand that we can not assume any damage due to installation work by ourself. ◆ If some of the items are processed, returned goods / refunds will not be accepted. ◆ Be sure to check the operation before processing and mounting. ◆ For overseas production, there are scratches. ◆ Since it is not a genuine product, it does not become an exact match. ◆ Please use the accessories other than accessories at your own risk. ◆ Short shorts, negligence injuries, water leaks due to installation errors are not covered by the complaint. - Although it is slight, the case content, specifications are subject to change without notice. ● Warranty period: 1 week
● The shipping fee generated in case of warranty will be borne by the customer. * Please understand that shipping on COD can not be received. ● After product arrival, we promptly confirm the operation and check operation of the contents. ※ We will respond to the new item exchange in the case of the initial failure not working in the lighting test within 7 days from the shipping date. 【Disclaimer】
In the following cases we will not covered by warranty. ● If you are not installed properly than your skill or knowledge lack. ● Processed products, those whose wiring is disconnected. ● The case where normal operation does not occur due to aging of parts and parts installed, malfunction, etc. ※ Battery exhaustion, aging wiring, voltage shortage due to breakdown of vehicle electrical system
● The difference of the right and left color of the burner, the image difference of the luminescent color. The burner is a consumable item, and it gradually wears down and its color changes with use
● Please be sure to ask the specialist for installation. Because it is high voltage it is dangerous. We can not support installation. ● We will make it a regular holiday on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please understand beforehand that we can not contact / ship out. ● tint of light, error of color temperature, not a subject, such as strength returned it will be the subjectivity of the person in question. Kelvin number is a guide only.
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