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-Special Price , Out of Stock Note - Color Pink (Corner Bottle) Size Toile (Kakubin) [Flaurerium] [Flawarium] Birthday Gift Female Father's
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Start time 2020-01-30T06:37:15+09:00
End time 2020-01-30T18:41:50+09:00
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Lot number o349738113
Seller position Mie Prefecture

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-Special Price , Out of Stock Note - Color Pink (Corner Bottle) Size Toile (Kakubin) [Flaurerium] [Flawarium] Birthday Gift Female Father's
Description of item
[FLOWERiUM with real flowers in the glass] slim and sharp form of the "FLOWERiUM TOILETTE Flawarium Towale". It is a casual line that fits well with any interior.. [What's Flowerium?] Flarium (flowerium) where real flowers are trapped in glass, "I want to deliver a life with flowers to many people" Is carefully made from the desire to judge the flowers one by one.
[All the flowers that are used are real flowers] FLOWERiUM is made by hand from the place where the flower is chosen one by one.. Because seasonal flowers with different colors and shapes are used, there are no two of the same things, all of which are only one work in the world.
[FLOWERiUM is also particular about wrapping] will be delivered carefully put in the original gift BOX. Recommended for birthday gifts and gifts for loved ones. Because it is handmade one point at a time, and it uses natural things, there is an individual difference in the color and the shape.. In addition, we use a color photo close to the real thing, but there is a case that looks different from the color of the real thing by the liquid crystal screen of use. -Special Price , Out-of-stock Note - Color Pink (Corner Bottle) Size Toile (Corner Bottle) [Flaurerium] [Flawarium] Birthday Gift Women Father's Day Mother's Day Gift Herbarium Flower (Pink)
Colour: Pink (square bottle)
Size: Toile (square bottle)
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