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Unopened new john masters organics - carrier oil body oil 118ml - John master organic
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥680 $7
Start price ¥680 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller flat4_beetle +2708
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-07T22:28:22+09:00
End time 2020-07-14T22:28:22+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o367389532
Seller position Toyama Prefecture

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From Japan
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Unopened brand new john masters organics - carrier oil John Masters Organic Body Oil 118m
●Frequency of use of low control and exhibited all. John Master Organic carrier oils and more.. It is an unopened new article. Please check with the image. The brand name suggests organic, regardless of brand of carrier oil.. Favorite oils in and do not use the body care please use. On this occasion please come~
●1 Week and place the included shipping for it..
Degradation might cheap you can buy the feet for as are of course, feeling like the only price to think about and buy I. . . Not the free trial tea.. Old and deteriorated, etc., there may be. Therefore junk treated with it.. The one of the image becomes all. (Measure, etc. excluded) box・as I have.. Included also in other exhibition page please look.
Individual settlement, it is necessary to have, but 1 Week of the layaway is possible.. Online bidding thank you~
Usually 9pm on the fixed packing,the morning commute・home time,or lunch break on the shipping of..
Weekends and holidays are the nearby post office closed in shipping and not. Or reply, etc. I often. Monday also Weekend minutes, etc. in the shipment may not be.
Therefore the shipping days 3 to 6 days and more.. Bid of cancellation is not. Carefully examine the bidding and have fun.. Cat pet House. That awkward moment when you thought cat hair with you.. Careful packing have a little bit of leakage or comments, please feel free to contact us. After a successful bid procedure, the bidder and to start trading system relationship on,from here greetings, etc. is not.
Multiple successful bid, etc., the shipping charge is changed or when questions arose outside,and deliver the information you enter can be it payment please. When sending greetings to you.
★The seller from the contact until there is a settlement or not each!★ And beliefs are hard who is the other seller chose but also..
Also ensure you always receive contact thank you. Shaped outside of the ship. However, non-standard-size is"a delivery certification, that certification, received the certification of"no shipping methods. It does not have any tracking number. There is also a possibility that if there is a former box collapses. Please choose only section if you can understand and self-responsibility in any case because it is. (Earlier, the Luggage of occurred rubbing for for---thank you. )
Or alcohol, including aviation dangerous goods in the fall, we will ground and depending on the location and time consuming in many cases. Individuals save for the purpose of collection, use,stock, etc., etc.. Also spraying test, etc. is not. The purchase date and opening date, etc., I don't remember. The old ones are also included. Because the scent changes and degradation of the guarantee is also not. Unopened brand new as well. Perfect products you wish never bid you you make. Also the original box also if there is a packaging material, please think about it. Household measure in weighing and shipping notice but a slight error by the shipping cost may change
Shipping a lot of our back can not be enough, even without claim will not be. The error is satisfied if the original payment products, please send. The difference of the shipping minute postage included cash on delivery to ship it.. Also recently, the online bidding has now, I want to. Therefore successful bid within 7 days of payment completion thank you. 7 days not completed within 3 days if within the first contact if the successful bidder convenience cancellation of the will. please note that. Tender by all of the above notes and agree with you.. Please be careful.
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