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Okamura desk with a tier of drawers 3 Dansode desk SD used W1100 × D700 × H700 office desk office desk used office furniture
Auction ends over
Current price ¥19,800 $203
Start price ¥19,800 $203
Buy-now ¥19,800 $203
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller pacific20140618 +611
Condition Used
Start time 2020-07-29T16:02:01+09:00
End time 2020-07-30T19:12:41+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number o393303718
Seller position Ibaraki Prefecture

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□ Product Details
- Product additional images -
You can check the following link for a detailed image
Okamura / OKAMURA
Width 1100mm / height 700mm / depth 700mm
□ Product status
This item will be the rank [B]
[Top board] is good without any dent in the order of thread wound. [Side, rear] painted by destined scratch is there little is peeling. [Wagon] conspicuous crack is also not good. [Wagon key] key is not attached. If a key is required, it will be produced in 1,080 yen one. With regard to the rank ※ is a measure of the last our judgment
Please think that there is some feeling of use in other than a statement about the state ※. [NEW] - new
[S] ----- those of almost new, such as unused goods
[A] ----- beauty products, those of small scratches and inconspicuous dirt is there, but overall clean state
[B] ----- there are some scratches / dirt, relatively about good products
[C] ----- There is a small crack, a little but use feeling can be received only there is no problem to use goods
[D] ----- large scratches and dirt Although there are available items
[E] ----- junk
□ dispatch details
Seino Transportation, will ship in any of its flights. During the unloading for large items, it will help. Delivery up to the eaves will be the base, but if there is no stairs up a goods enter the elevator will be passed on the car. Please confirm the carry-in route for large items. On the delivery of convenience, there are times when it is difficult, such as the specified time.
□ notes
Products handled by our shop has become a used article. There is dirt and scratches or there is a feeling the difference with a new one. So we thank you for your understand that but we will ship to the cleaning and maintenance [used article]. Please refrain from the bid of a nervous person by the above reasons. ※ does not have your return is accepted as a reason, such as there are scratches and dirt in the product (no claim, no return)
Their site in our shop, there is the case in the case of simultaneous orders for selling in several shops where I am allowed to cancel a successful bid. I have paid much attention, but we ask that you will note that when sold out by any chance. The price will be per one price. In the case of multiple hope it will be the successful bid price × quantity. Such as [3-legged set] in the title ※, if there is a set notation will be a set price. - upon arrival -
Please be sure to check the packing state at the time of goods arrival. If the state of such damage or dents to chance packing can confirm you received the goods, please contact us first to the Company. -Initial failure-
In case of an issue with an event of initial failure and behavior when it is within one week repair or return, we will correspond by refund. In the case of initial failure, please contact us within one week. If you there is a fault in me, I will bear the round-trip shipping and transfer fee. ※ even if you return to is probably a malfunction, If you can not find the problem with the goods, we will return the goods is the responsibility of the successful bidder. We'll have you pay round-trip shipping. -loss-
HP is not responsible regard to any loss due to the successful bid goods. (All such economic losses and accidents caused by failure of the product)
- Cancellation -
Cancel the case of a bid because I have not accepted, please note. From being a successful bid thank you for your reply within 48 hours. (If too much there is no connection remains 48 hours there is a case where I am allowed to dealings deleted sequentially)
- Other -
Dealings person who can complete from a successful bid day within 10 days will be subject to. Please contact us from the question corner if you have special circumstances. - Regarding evaluation -
We have been to put the evaluation only to customers who put the evaluation to our shop order to come many unnecessary customer evaluation at our shop. If the evaluation of your unnecessary is there is trouble, but if you provide us with unnecessary of fact, we ask not to the evaluation to our shop. Your understanding, so we thank you for your note.
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