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Gundam SEED Union VS.ZAFT Awakening Guide Book Famitsu The First Price 1000 yen + Tax issued in 2005 No use accessories
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥50 $1
Start price ¥50 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller otusan111 +193
Condition Used
Start time 2023-01-28T17:16:17+09:00
End time 2023-02-04T17:16:17+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number o412672617
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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It's Famitsu's strategy book It's Famitsu's strategy book It's Famitsu's strategy book It's Famitsu's strategy book
It's Famitsu's strategy book

It's Famitsu's strategy book

Gundam SEED Union VS.ZAFT Awakening Guide Book Famitsu The First List Price 1000 yen + Tax issued in 2005 used Gundam SEED 1 book No accessories
Product Details
Please see this time
Thank you very much
This product is
This is a used item
The product is one used book
Because it is a used item
・ Sunburn / aging deterioration (Keenenle) ・ Thread ・ Dirty
・ Small Ekbo
・ Born / square dent (dent) ・ Small squirrels
・ Small lines, small scratches, open guses, bookmarks
There is a place where there is (to)
I have only confirmed it
・ Sunburn, scratches, threads, Itami, Yogore (dirt)
・ Burning (torn) ・ Stain
・ I (broken) ・ Dessibly ・ Sori ・ Page cracked
・ Graffiti / bookmark (break)
・ For folds, cheerful, linear, line drawing, etc.
It ’s used
The condition of used goods is
If you evaluate out of 1 to 100 points
(Product condition is very good even among second -hand goods
Is it a new one?For unused items?I will be in the close state. )
The condition of the product is 70 points
How to get this score
All vary
"Personal emotions", "position", "situation"
Depending on "environment", "professional, amateur", and "product views"
Individual differences
Please allow for a small degree of error
By the way
I'm going to do it
If you can rice in the photo
Generally, measurement
About 14.9㎝ beside
About 21㎝ vertically
Thickness is about 0.8㎝
Weight about 231g
Last page 127
Please think for reference only
I don't really know
I'm in the photo
Equipment other than "product"
It is not a sale
Please note
I'm checking the products one by one
Sometimes you are overlooking
In that case, please forgive me.
Payment details
· Yahoo! easy settlement
Shipment details
The first neck of this transaction is
It ’s a high shipping fee
How to ship this product
180 yen up to 2 cm of the smart letter thickness of the post office
We are planning
The smart letter 180 yen at the post office
Luggage size limit
About 15cm in height up to 22㎝ thickness 2㎝
Say it weighs up to 1kg
Please note that it is a condition
How to ship this product
Because there are restrictions on size and weight
We will not pack the product
Please note
Excuse me
I don't have a credit card
You cannot ship by click post
Please note
Other than the above
If you would like a delivery method, before bidding or before a successful bid
Please contact me
We will try to do so as much as possible.
I'm sorry when it doesn't fit
Please ask questions
I will be waiting
The shipping location of this product is
3-15-9 Furuichi, Joto -ku, Osaka -shi, Osaka
(Okafu Oshigashi Joyoku Furuichi
3 Chowa 15 Ban 9)
Up to us (above shipping location)
If you can come to pick it up, it is OK to hand
(The above shipping location is → "= hand -handed place")
The above shipping location (= handed location)
"National Route 163" and "Uchikan" intersect
The intersection of "Green 1"
Sekime (National Route 1) (West)
Please enter
It is about 270m away on the left. To the right is the subway Imazato line "Shinmori Ko -shi" station.
I have. There is an intersection (signal) called "Furuichi 3 East" nearby
It will be a little before that. There is no signal from the "green 1" intersection to us. Subway Shin -Moriko City Station ② Route 163 at the entrance entrance
It is in front of you. Subway Imazato Line "Shinmori Ko -shi" station ② From the entrance entrance
I cross the pedestrian crossing, but it is a 2 -minute walk. I'm sorry
In the case of handing over, it is Yahoo simple settlement first
I hope you will pay after you pay
Thank you
If the shipping fee is transferred together, the shipping fee is
We will refund you
Excuse me
Thank you very much for this time
It depends on the amount of mail, non -standard, courier service, etc.
I will bear some shortage here, but
Please note that we will not refund the amount we have received.. If there is an error in the shipping fee by courier service
The difference will not be refunded
Please note. In accidents after shipping, postal accidents, etc.
We can't take any responsibility, so
please note that. Please bid only if you understand.
Excuse me. This product is a used item
Those who are looking for perfect unused items, those who are nervous
Please refrain from. No claim, no return. While truly
This product says "a successful bid"
With a good idea
Because it is not exhibited
I haven't checked so much
If you exhibit it, it may remove it.
You may be contacted
I'm very sorry, but please do it.
Excuse me
While truly
I have a good night on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
All tasks such as answering and shipping to questions
It will be after the holidays
If you leave it left
Have time for a while
I may have it
I'm sorry but
Please note
Please see it to the end
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
20200729300100 2
I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No.204.001.004
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