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Used One Piece ONE PIECE Rental Version Rental Falling DVD 6th Season Equal Island Golden Bell R-5 R-6 Episode 186-Episode 191 2 Types 2
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥590 $6
Start price ¥590 $6
Buy-now ¥690 $7
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller pure_sugar1229 +1874
Condition Used
Start time 2021-05-09T20:49:31+09:00
End time 2021-05-16T20:49:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number o442917543
Seller position Hokkaido

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商品説明Used One Piece ONE PIECE Rental Version Rental Falling DVD 6th Season Equal Island Golden Bell R-5 R-6 Episode 186-Episode 191 2 Types 2
It has been confirmed without a problem with viewing. As used items, scratches, dirt and threads are generated, so please refrain from bidding if they are nervous. ● The number of days until the shipping date is sandwiched between the weekends or "shipping in 3 to 7 days" assuming long-term holidays such as the New Year holidays (usually to ship the shipping procedure after 2 days after confirmation confirmation We strive. )
※ We can not respond immediately to questions or inquiries (after a successful bid, immediate decision) by our work and private use. If you are considering bidding, please refer to our self-introduction column. We describe the date and time that can not be addressed by the basic time zone and convenience to contact from here. (The date when it is impossible to respond is mainly 3 consecutive holidays, New Year holidays, large holidays are high frequently. )
It is due to the damage of the prank bid in continuing recently. While some people are good, it is very painful, but please refrain from the following bids. · New person
· Evaluation bad but more than 5
In addition, if you have a 100% intention to buy 100% in the above, please discount the intention in the question column by the end of the exhibition time. If you can not do so, we will cancel the bid.
送付方法[No accident compensation]
· Out of fixed form 250 yen
· Letter pack light 370 yen (with tracking service)
[Accident compensation]
· Simple registered mail Out of fixed form 570 yen (damage required for damage required by 50,000 yen)
※ If there is an accident in the event of an accident, we can not take responsibility (corresponding to refund etc.), so please choose that point consent.. ※ Everybody is also simple packaging in relation to the weight and thickness, and it will be shipped in a packaging paper bag etc. with an envelope size, such as a letter pack.. It will be post posting when arrival. ※ When changing shipping charges, the update of the above-mentioned amount of money may not be in time. At that time, please keep a good news after the change.
支払方法Yahoo! easy settlement (Details) 【Disclaimer】● Because of the insufficient explanation, the outstanding state, the status of the condition, the error, or the error of the size, etc., the no claim, no return (can not refundable), and no cancellation, as it will be a no-cancellation. Above, please bid. (Except for those who do not use the bid) Bid cancellation. ● Early ending at the start price, no product handling is not. ● Please pay the price (quality + shipping fee) within 3 days excluding weekends and holidays after a successful bid. ● If it is an accident such as mail, the accident survey request and the refund will be impossible, so please keep in advance. ● Notes after shipping shipping → If you can not accept the product by the absence of the successful bidder, please be sure to ask the delivery company (such as the post office) to the reordering procedure. (Although the delivery company has been able to store luggage for about one week, it seems that it is a system that will be returned to the sender (our). ) If you are repeated by all means, we will continue shipping procedures again, but please note that the shipping cost will be borne by the successful bidder. ● About evaluation → We evaluate to those who evaluate to us. Also, the evaluation time may be slow (one month or more), so if you need an evaluation immediately, please prompt with dealings Navi etc. If no evaluation is necessary, it would be appreciated if you can receive a contact that the product has arrived at the trading navigation. ★ We will strive to be able to trade smoothly, so thank you in advance ★ This item descriptionOak fan exhibition template collectionIt is created in. (Yahoo! Au only) Powered by
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