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[Completion] Talking Globe Perfect Globe Horizon Doshisya Perfect Glove Horizon/Perfect Pen, World Seat [Beauty] Bargain
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Start time 2022-12-27T15:44:16+09:00
End time 2023-01-04T02:43:32+09:00
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Lot number p1038467203
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[Beauty] Talking globe Perfect Globe Horizon Doshisya Perfect Glove Horizon

Product features

Thank you for seeing. 【Product Summary】
Doshisha Talking Global Globe Horizon Horizun
■ Product size (about): Width 33.7 x depth 26.6 x height 38.1cm
■ Body weight: 1.33kg
■ Battery used: 2 AAA batteries x 2 (not included)
■ Set contents: Perfect Glove Horizon body, Perfect Pen, World Seat
■ Bilingual function: Can be switched from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. It can also be used as a language teaching material. ■ Data by 3 -stage age group: Data is 3 stages for each age group. You can enjoy a wide range of children to adults. Brand Doshisha
Product model number PG-HR14
Color Horizon
Size width 33.7 x depth 26.6 x height 38.1cm
Packing size 41 x 34 x 34 cm; 1.35 kg
Talking globe, Perfect Gloves, and Horizon are new!!If you touch the globe with a wireless (here is a blog post), you can hear various information in the world and prefectures by voice.. Information update function is of course installed. You can always know the latest situation in the world. It is also possible to switch information in Japanese and English bilingual audio and age according to age.. Contains more than 13,000 information and has a quiz function.. In addition, the "World Sheet" has a list of Japanese maps and national flags, and you can hear various information from prefectures and countries by touching Japanese maps and national flags.. Because it is a battery -type, the whole family can easily move and use it everywhere in the living room or a learning desk for children.. It is a design that can be enjoyed by children and adults with a sphere of Japanese notation and calm colors.. Ball diameter 26cm wide 34cm depth 26.8㎝ height 38.5㎝ Perfect pen
Product size 340 x depth 268 x height 385 (mmm)
Battery used: AA batteries x 2 (not included)
Body weight about 1.35㎏
【Manufacture name】
[Manufacturer model number]
PG-HR14 [Brand name]
【Description of item】
Doshisha Talking Global Globe Horizon Horizun
■ 15 kinds of information
Learn 15 kinds of information: continents, states, countries, prefectures, capital, central cities, highest officers, population, time, area, maximum point, geography, currency, climate, culture, history, languageI can. ■ 6 kinds of quizzes
You can enjoy quizzes from 6 types of genres: continents, countries, capital, capital, central cities, cities, prefectures, and mixes. ■ 6 types of comparison
You can check the comparative information of the two countries: population, area, currency, time, distance, and flight time. ■ Two types of knowledge
You can know the facts and surprising facts of the earth. ■ World seat (Japanese map / national flag table)
You can use the attached Japanese map to hear a variety of information on the prefecture.. ■ Data by age group (3 steps)
Data is set for 3 levels of age group. Information can be selected according to the age of elementary school lower grades, upper grades, junior high school students or older.. ■ Information update function
By downloading information from the changing world from the Internet, you can update it to the latest state as much as you want.. ■ Perfect pen
Because it is wireless, you can freely choose a place. ■ 2 Japanese language bilingual function
Can be switched from English to English to Japanese. It can also be used as a language teaching material. ■ 29 themes that you can learn well
It is easy to see and easy to touch.. When touched with a dedicated pen, the globe will talk. 【use】
● Target age 5 years old or older (can be used in 3 levels by age group)
● Product size Approximately 337 x depth 266 x height 381mm
● Body weight about 1.35kg
● Battery AAA type 4 alkaline batteries x 2 bottles
● Set contents Perfect gloves HORIZON body, perfect pen, world sheet
● In order to use the setting of the operating environment time, switch age, convert to other languages, and use the data update function, it is necessary to connect a perfect pen to the PC that satisfies the following environment.. ・ Intel Pentiumii800MHz or higher CPU
・ PC/AT compatible machine equipped with 128MB or more RAM
・ Japanese version Windows 8.1.8/Windows7/Windows Vista/WindowsXP
・ Hard disk capacity of 100MB or more
・ USB port
・ Internet connection environment (required to update information)
Part number PG-HR14
There are all accessories, world seats, and USB cables. There is no noticeable scratches and dirt. After the purchase, I will let go of the dark place, so I will exhibit it.. What is in the image is all. Please understand the above, no claim, no return.. It will be the product as shown in the photo. Please note that you should note the above.. We will ship the product as a product as shown in the photo.. Thank you. · I have sent many others. You may find the product you are looking for, so please take a look.. Notes
・ Please be sure to check the contents of the explanation and bid.
・ I shot with a digital camera, but the color may look slightly different depending on the shooting conditions and the performance of the monitor used.. note that
The shipping fee and transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder.. Please refrain from canceling and returning after a successful bid.
After confirming payment to the designated account (bank), we will ship it. The transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder.. No claim, no return, no support please. Since it is an individual exhibition, there is no 10 % consumption tax or 3 % usage fee.. Please bid only for those who can fully understand this product information.. We do not accept cancellations and returns after bidding/successful bid. We do not support directly handing over. Thank you for your consideration.. We are exhibiting at a cheap price. I liked it, but I decided to let go of crying to organize things overflowing in a small room.. We will exhibit cheaply by moving disposal
There are some products that can be discounted at once, so please ask a question before bidding.. I am also exhibited, so thank you.. If you have any questions, please ask before bidding.. We will ship the product as a product as shown in the photo.. The transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder.. If you have any questions, please ask more and more questions before bidding ♪ ^^
We will ship the product as a product as shown in the photo.. Thank you for your consideration..

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