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Safran collection crocus bulbs 10 balls (35-40 mm in diameter) 8 anonymous courier plate
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Start time 2022-08-22T22:40:51+09:00
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Why don't you enjoy collecting it in saffron under the refreshing autumn sky?.
saffron(3 red rice babies) 10 balls crocus bulbs for collection.
The diameter of the bulb is a large ball of 35-40 mm.
With the bulbs of this class,
Per ballThere are about 3 to 5 flowers, so
With a ballApproximately (3-5) x 3 his saffron can be collected.
The fresh saffron is sweet, like a osmanthus of Kanagi, like a balloon gum.It smells good.
Not only paella, but also herbal tea, Indelice,
Boulebase, risotto, ice cream, wine
Seafood dishesAlso used.
You can also enjoy it as a flower in one corner of the desk..
This variety is not planted in the soil,
If the temperature becomes cold at 10-15 ° C as it is,
Flower buds come out.(At this point, water and soil are not required)
It depends on your area,
It blooms from late September to late November.
After the saffron collection,
There are leaves that make the pine leaves softened, so
When the leaves come out, please plant them immediately.
Optical temperature:-5-15 ℃.
If you grow it carefully, it will bloom next year..
I wondered about the hygiene of saffron during harvesting,
(In foreign countries, it was collected with dirty hands and containers ...)
This is 11-12 years
Cultivating private saffron.
If it is a cultivation and collection method,
Please feel free to contact us.
I'm not confident in cooking ...
No pesticides are used.
Growing with homemade fertilizer and commercially available granular fertilizer.
Saffron effect(Excerpt from the Internet)
The effect of saffron is when you feel good
When hysterical
When you can't sleep easily
Headaches, dizziness, etc..Blood metabolism, circulation,
Women's physiological system (menopauseActing in action)
It seems to have a great effect, so
After all cookingCrude drug(Paddy flower)It should be taken as.
· ··It is said that.
(For details, please contact the pharmacist. )
After cultivation
This year's bulbs were polarized.
The super large ball ball and the large ball ball (35 to 40 mm) were good,
There were few middle ball balls (30 to 35 mm), and there were many small ball balls..
I am still studying until the super large ball can be cultivated stably.
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