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Gaga Milano Diving Professional Watch 5040 Automatic Silver×Black Titanium × Rubber Watch Watch Men's☆0332
Auction ends over
Current price ¥50,782 $394
Start price ¥50,782 $394
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller wonderprice2006 +37536
Condition Used
Start time 2022-10-20T01:32:24+09:00
End time 2022-10-20T11:58:08+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number p1063943240
Seller position Tokyo 0332

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Product Details
brand name
Product name
6▼Gaga Milano Diving Professional Watch 5040 Automatic Silver×Black Titanium × Rubber Watch Watch Men
State Rank
Gaga Milano Diving Professional Watch 5040 Automatic Silver×Black Titanium × Rubber Watch Watch Men 6▼Gaga Milano Diving Professional Watch 5040 Automatic Silver×Black Titanium × Rubber Watch Watch Men【Brand】 Gaga Milano
【Product Name】 Diving Professional Watch
Model No. 5040
[Serial] 2996
【Movement】 Automatic winding
【Material】 Titanium × rubber
【Size】 Case width (excluding crown) × thickness× minimum ~ maximum arm circumference (inner diameter) × weight
Approx. 48mm×20mm×15~23cm×146.8g
【Color】 Silver×Black
【Rank】 B (with feeling)
Overhaul and exterior new finish: None
Windshield: with small scratches
Dial: slightly deteriorating
Needle: Slight deterioration
Crown: With small scratches
Case: With small scratches
Bezel: Scratched
Scratches on the belt: with a feeling of use
Belt elongation: None
Other comments: Cloudy in the windshield
*6-month warranty (Note 1)
About jewelry

Some of the error case of actual size, please understand. The color is like customer your device, it might be slightly different from the actual color. Jewelry of natural stone, inclusions, there is the case that there is a surface crack, etc.

[Own colored stone evaluation rank](Judgment document with Emerald Ruby Sapphire and part of the colored stones)
A ~ shine, color saturation, superlative products are superior all of brightness
B ~ shine, color saturation, balance good senior product in brightness both
C ~ shine, color saturation, but there are elements that do not meet the part of the brightness, good for beauty as a jewel is felt
D ~ inclusions is large, such as there is a lack, but there is a worrisome element, service products enjoy as jewelry
E ~ is not felt beauty as a jewel junior product (I do not handle it in our shop)Kihei coins by metal prices,
There is the case that at any time without notice price is changed. Please note.
【Ring size Re-res) More than 30,000 yen Ring: Size Retail fee free Ring of less than 30,000 yen: uniform 2,000 yenFor more informationHerePlease refer to the.

For other items

[Our state rank]N ~ new unused accessory all are aligned, the state that is not out shooting, other than for confirmation
S ~ like-new condition
Dirt that can be seen in A ~ beauty products glance, scratches, bruises, discoloration there is no state
B ~ There is feeling dirt at a glance, scratches, damage, albeit discoloration, no problem to use state
C ~ feeling there quite dirt at a glance, scratches, damage, there is discoloration, the state where there is a problem for some uses
D ~ fragile items (a state that can not be used unless the repair. )
※ If feeling of state rank, the bid of the more nervous one because there are individual differences, please refrain from. Please ask a question before a bid If you have any questions in the product information. Returned goods after a successful bid, because the question can not be accepted, please offer a bid after deliberation. We have sent the real thing only in our shop. If goods that have been successful bid of imitation, we will refund the full amount that was paid. However, the shop had you determine it, please let us know the person or the like. The color is like customer your device, it might be slightly different from the actual color.

6-month warranty for peace of mind!
※ failure occurred in normal use state within six months, it will be repaired and adjusted free of charge for spontaneous failure※ 1 yen start goods, C · D rank products except※ We may be compatible with refund according to our judgment ※ The color may be somewhat different from the actual color by the customer using the device etc.
Deal Details
The payment method will be credit card payment, PayPay balance payment, or cash on delivery (up to 300,000 yen for Yamato Takkyubin, cash only).
business hours
10:00 to 17:30 (regular holiday, the question that I received overtime, your reply e-mail will be the next business day. )
About the receipt
[In the case of cash-on-delivery]Since the home delivery slip will be the receipt, you will not be able to issue a separate receipt. No handwritten receipt is issued. Please get from the email sent after shipping.
The total payment isThe highest bidIt will be only.※importantWe also carried out in parallel over-the-counter sales in stores. Although I reserve than over-the-counter as soon as we received a bid,
In the case of the unlikely event sold out, that there is a case where I am allowed to cancel the exhibition, please understand in advance. Suspension of use in our auction bid, ID deletion, customers of the bid evaluation has become negative, there is a case where I am allowed to cancel. Than after a successful bid in our shop on the next business dayE-mail address of the customer you registered to Yahoo!I will contact you to. After the auction ends5 daysIf you still have passed do not hear from us, we will consider it as cancellation of successful bidder convenience.
Shipment details
shipping method
It becomes correspondence of the Yamato courier service (in the case of cash on delivery cash only). ※ Some products may be sent by Yu Pack.
About payment
We ship goods after a payment check. After sending in the case of cash-on-delivery, it will be deferred payment. Cash settlement will be made up to 300,000 yen.
Specify the delivery date than the end of the auction dateWithin 10 daysThank you. Such as non-standard-size mail, it does not do dispatch without compensation. We will not ship internationally. We do not accept bundled shipping with other auction successful bid products.
Shipping Details
COD fee
Regardless of the successful bid money
Please be careful! !
There are malicious users who pretend to be us or deceive "we made a successful bid in our company", use our product images without permission, and try to contact other biders directly. That there is no relationship at all with us, please be careful so as not to reply to the suspected e-mail. If you were to encounter any chance damage, we ask that you please deliver to immediately police. It should be noted that the publication may be utilized in posting our product image without permission. If the use is discovered, we will take the appropriate procedure.
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