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[A12245711] Health Functional Foods / Supplements Basic and Utilization Department of Medical and Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Josai University,
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥1,011 $8
Start price ¥1,011 $8
Buy-now ¥1,011 $8
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller books_dream +28322
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-20T17:31:20+09:00
End time 2024-04-27T17:31:20+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number p1125395653
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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[30-day return guarantee]: commodity when there is an error in the description, are available upon arrival to the product after the 30-day return on our mailing cost burden unconditionally. We will do our best to make a satisfactory transaction. There is a description of such item description or shipping charges, delivery method and notes below. The important things are described for our customers, so please read carefully and purchase after understanding. [Invoice system compatible] In October 2023, we include a delivery note (specification) that prints a qualified invoice issuing company number (commonly known as T number, registration number) in the company. We are sending you. By using this, you will be able to receive a consumption tax deduction when tax return or final tax return.

This product is a combined product of Yahoo auction and Yahoo Shopping. Can be purchased from both sites. ● Yahoo auction head officeHere● The second Yahoo auction storeHere● Yahoo Shopping head officeHere● Yahoo Shopping 2nd storeHere

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【Description of item】
Product Details
■ Product name ■
Health Functional Food / Supplements Basic and Utilization Josai University Department of Medical Nutrition Department
■ Publisher ■ ■
■ Author ■ ■
Josai University Faculty of Pharmacy Department
■ Publication year ■
■ ISBN10 ■
■ ISBN13 ■
■ Condition rank ■
Condition rank explanation
Almost new: Products that are close to unused
Very good: Products in a beautiful state with less scratches and dirt
Good: There are some scratches and dirt, but generally in good condition (products that are equivalent to used goods)
Power: Products that are not problems with scratches and dirt, but have no problem with use
■ Condition details ■
No writing. It is possible because it has a sense of use, damage, and dirt than our good products. The condition is relatively good among the acceptable products, and it is a product that has no problem when using it. We will ship it quickly and carefully on the water -wet packing.
I am also purchasing reference books and prep school text ↓
[Other precautions]
Other precautions related to transactions
[Regarding writing]
We check the degree of writing and the adjustment of accessories as much as possible, but there may be some errors or oversights of (about 10%to 20%)We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand beforehand.
[Regarding the status of usage, etc.]
Please refer to the condition rank of the product description.
[Regarding images and product description]
The image of the product and the attached items will be a sample image. If you ask a question in the state of the book, you may not be able to answer.
[Regarding cancellations and returns after a successful bid]
We do not accept cancellations after a successful bid in Yahoo auctionPlease bid at a price that you can trade with responsibility.If there is a significant difference from the product description, or if a different product arrives, we will refund it unconditionally by cash on delivery for 30 days after arrivalPlease contact us by email or trading message. We do not accept returns for the convenience of the highest bidder without defects in the product.
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