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☆ unused Rurouni Kenshin telephone card 50 frequency! K6747-M
Auction ends 18 hours
Current price ¥800 $9
Start price ¥800 $9
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller mtmty77 +8102
Condition Other (Unused, article in custody)
Start time 2020-10-21T22:01:32+09:00
End time 2020-10-22T22:01:32+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number p612976087
Seller position Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Description of item
◎ Products
☆ unused Rurouni Kenshin telephone card 50 frequency! K6747-M
Sorry but more appearance Please confirm by a picture. This time, we will send by cheap!
We exhibit at cheap so thank you consider best regards! ! !
※ After the commodity arrives, please receive contact me! Defend not should withhold a bid!
Since the contents of the above, thank you for the bid of only those who can understand. ◎ external dimensions (please understand some errors)
Size ·· Wcm × Hcm × Dcm
It will be intact article, we will consider it as "NC / NR". Detailed operation, professional question etc can not be answered, so thank you. ☆ appearance
Please consider always on the confirmation in the photograph is about the state. ☆ accessory
- Body (It becomes only things in the image)
It will be only the above. There are no other accessories. Regarding other peripheral equipment, please prepare it at the highest bidder. ☆ shipping size
It will be Sagawa Express mail service nationwide uniform 216 yen. Other shipment can not be accepted. ☆ About paymentSuccessful bid price + shipping fee
Will be.All items in the image will be exhibited items. (It is not an accessory for products and instruments for checking the operation of the target item. )
Since we have sent it as a prerequisite for dealing on the PC environment on us, depending on the browser and settings of your computer, colors may be displayed different from the real one. Please be careful when tendering. In the case of dealings from mobile phones, please contact details of shipping destinations immediately in dealings Navi after a successful bid immediately. A successful bid notification may not arrive. Transactions from mobile phones on the system may be difficult. please note that.
※ Please be sure to read before bidding. ※● after the commodity arrives, please receive contact me! Defend not should withhold a bid!
● will be the only simple confirmation regarding operation check. Because it becomes professional confirmation and lack of knowledge, it becomes only confirmation of description concerning operation check etc. Please acknowledge there is a possibility such as oversight etc. Also, cleaning will be simple as well. Please be aware that there is also the possibility of overspraying, etc. ● This product will be recycled items. Please refrain from the tender of nervous one because there is a feeling of use, fine scratches, etc. Also, we cannot judge the life of product parts etcNo claim / no returnThank you. Although we are checking the final operation before shipping, there is a possibility that trouble may occur due to vibrations and shocks during transportation at the time of arrival at the hand at the current point after delivery of goods. Since there are times when there are accidents during transportation etc, please be sure to check the operation within 48 hours after arrival of goods. Please note that we can not respond to requests after that. ● For second-hand goods, depending on exhibition goods there are complete working items, some functions, products with defects in operation to complete junk items. Please be aware that some maintenance and repair may be necessary. ● Indeed without permissionSaturdays, Sundays, holidays, large holidays,Since we have taken a rest, we can not respond to payment confirmation, dealings contact, so please understand. ● In connection with the start of trading contactIt will be the next business day after the auction end date.● We will recommend bids for products to those who have knowledge of the product. - Since it becomes second - hand goods, please understand that there are fine scratches, threads, dirt, deterioration due to aging that do not appear in the photograph. Please refrain from the tender of those who care about fine scratches, or nervous one. - Please acknowledge that the case where I am allowed to cancel the tender from us is a Onza い ま す etc. - On our side basically the transaction periodWithin one weekI believe. Please be aware that it will be canceled as regards the highest bidder who can not take a mischief bid or contact, notify you, regardless of not doing bidding, you may delete the successful bid, so please understand. * After a successful bid, if you can not contact within 48 hours, I will cancel the successful bid by the highest bidder convenience. Thank you so we can make a pleasant deal.
Shipping and payment
● "Sagawa Express prepaymentIt will only be handled. (* Except when describing changes. )
● cash on delivery, は こ BOON and other delivery methods can not correspond. ● When you have awarded more than one numberBundled shipping is not acceptedEven if goods interfere with each other during transportation Even if the air packing or styrofoam is strictly applied to the contact part, there is a danger of dents and scratches. Please note that refunds / returns from our company against accidents and failures and security / insurance from delivery companies will be out of scope when we ship enclosed dispatch due to the strong demand of the highest bidder. ● When there is date specification, please inform us your request. Specifiable time zone is as follows.Morning · 12 ~ 14 · 14 - 16 · 16 - 18 · 18 - 21* Depending on the delivery area, it may be unable to answer your request. ● Remittance charge, shipping fee will be borne by the highest bidder. please note that. ●Payment will be "successful bid price + shipping fee". Although it is somewhat late for convenience of work
We will make an effort to ship out within 3 business days at the latest from payment. After shipping products we will contact you by describing the number of baggage inquiries from dealings Navi.
Notation of Specified Commercial Transactions Law
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale Mr. 4.21 ■It was created with.
This product isYahoo auc! All-in-one listing tool "Oak Town"It is sent at.
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