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Thermostat temperature controller temperature sensor air conditioning heating chicken parakeet Kozakura dog cat hamster rabbit management control handmade self-made smoked
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Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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High sensitivity, high performance of the temperature control device. This kind of product is broken and connecting household power supply (100v) to the instrument. Please use after converting sure to 12dc. ONOFF switching part is you can use any 12dc even household power supply (100v). It will also be able to struggle to complete eventually to buy this thing from those who do not write firmly. About Shipping
Non-standard-size 200 yen
Letter pack plus 510 yen
There are other products with the potential to be made free shipping or cheap that it is enclosed. Please contact the occasion of multiple purchases and enclosed. Power of 12dc who also want a
Power with a thermostat in the Yahoo! Auctions
Please try to search and. (Currently in stock without,)
This power is the month's electric bill about 32 yen and energy-saving power supply in 1 month 24 hours with leave is calculated in the electricity bill simulator. Very very convenient for loss is less difficult to have even heat're using. Some people are buying power two together. There is also a convenient, high-sensitivity temperature hygrometer and is set. How is it together. Please try to search for "quail temperature hygrometer" in Yahoo! Auctions. Self-made incubator own incubator greenhouse warehouse cold warehouse ventilation, etc.. Recommended chickens, quail, insects, reptiles. It is very nice to have in the future of time. Characteristic
The current temperature at a glance now. It is wide corresponding temperature range. A variety of settings, it is fine set. I hatched a quail, is the temperature management device you're using when you were brooding. New article unused. Make your own incubator while repeating trial and error on your own, for to hatch chicks as to hatch in commercially available fully automatic incubator There are also different fun and sense of accomplishment. Incubator of course is hatching With this, but has specialized only in hatching, brooding and winter of temperature control, the room temperature control of, you can use the universal in the temperature management of all kinds of space, such as insect rearing. Two to three weeks after the chicks were born temperature management is quite important. If it fails we will have to die a long-awaited born chick. Makes active in various scenes so widely used and the corresponding temperature of -50 to 110 degrees. Incubator is quite expensive, but the control device that can be a wide variety of Tsukaimichi I think rather that it is profitable. Thermal insulation equipment, cooling equipment, self-made in about plus about 1000 yen incubator and own brooding unit will be created with the exception of the power supply. merit
Make cheap variety
It can be used in a variety of situations
Order to reduce the wasteful heat insulation, saving of electricity bill, the life of the warm light bulb UP
The temperature is too increases, decreases possibility of to die too low. Demerit
There is a need to align the several points things like home improvement. See below for things to align. I think that the temperature error is more or less there will but can be used without any problem. ※ package or a box, there is no commodity manual. Hand to you to tell you how to use or photos When you receive the goods after purchase. Please ask those who want to know. Device is the device that controls the heat insulation equipment. ※ warm light bulbs and electric fan, a fan, a cooling device, wiring, power supply, etc. may require additional. Example of Creating
Hatching, and a brief description of the things that become necessary in the case to be brooding. (Sale to have this machine does not have only a function of temperature management, there apart from the need for purchase because it is not equipped with thermal insulation function and the cooling function)
Yasushi light bulb (heat insulation equipment), fans and cooling equipment, also connected to the cold chamber and incubator ok. ·wiring
Consent (about 100 yen at the hardware store)
Partial to put a warm light bulb (approximately 150 yen at the hardware store) (If you have a cover with warm light bulb do you need to buy the outlet of the person who received at home centers)
· 12dv / at AC100V of power (hard ○ off for about 500 yen in the Middle Ages. Breaks and direct plug in to an electrical outlet. We've got what things with photos after the purchase or recommend. )
Completion of the almost self-made incubator if Kakoe in Styrofoam and cardboard connect the above-mentioned to this equipment. After fine-tuning in your favorite, please devising. ※ It is a thing in which the temperature sensing part that is attached to the instrument and the upper-right corner that is reflected in the second piece of the photograph middle of is selling this time. Wiring that appear at the bottom is not for sale. Example of use
Scene warm
* 38 degrees or less to become and raising the temperature in the bulb contains the switch, the switch is turned off if to 38.1 degrees. Repeated later
* 26 degrees or less to become and raising the temperature in the switch enters the light bulb, switch is turned off if the 30 degrees. Repeated later
* 37.8 degrees or less to become and raising the temperature in the heat insulation device switch is turned on and the switch is turned off if the 38 degrees. Repeated later
Scene cool
* 38 degrees or more to comes to lowering the temperature in the cooling devices such as fans enter the switch, the switch is turned off if to 37.8 degrees. Repeated later
I think that easily able to fine-tune and the above-mentioned operation. Accessories temperature sensing sensor about 31cm
A small screwdriver is required for installation of wiring. If you would like a new small screwdriver 6 bottles set for precision machinery and enclosed at 250 yen. In the case of enclosed, postage service. That's drivers separately requires extra shipping. Non-standard-size will be shipped without tracking and warranty. Mail accident, lost, does not take responsibility for the damage, those who are worried Yu-pack, guarantee there and because it changed to those of the pursuit comment ask, such as a letter pack. ※ work at the time, please work with the utmost care. ※ + - the Please connect so as not to make a mistake. ※ You may not be the answer to a special question of the electrical system. Basic operation will answer. ※ adjustment of temperature many times before to after the completion of the equipment you use this equipment to put the creatures and objects, please check. ※ required Electric Works license
After a successful bid, quickly contact, please bid only person who can pay. Since the contact more than one day is quite anxiety Those who do not delete it by the highest bidder convenience. The newer one should convey the intention from the question column of the purchase before bidding. You may cancel the tender if no. The new person will contact me is within If awarded 3 hours. If there is no connection will delete it by the highest bidder convenience. ※ After a successful bid, has become in this way for more of out of touch often. In the case of payment of an easy settlement, it will be shipped from the payment check. ※ is likely to take two to five days to a payment check of simple settlement. If you hurry, postal savings, asks you for a transfer to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. It is the transfer fees of postal savings each other. Saturday questions, trading contact is hard to take. Can not be sent out Saturdays Sundays. ※ initial failure within two days after arrival yet accept the correspondence of returned or exchanged, but can not respond later. Still better only thank you. I need your help by a no claim no return.
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