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Of the battleship Yamato lifetime Battleship "Yamato" when Tianyi No. strategy B. offshore .ver 1/2000 F-toys ship kit collection extra edition Efutoizu Japanese Navy 1945
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Box and contents all When the battleship Yamato Tianyi No. strategy Leaflet.
Box and contents all

Box and contents all

Product, 2014 F-TOYS (Efutoizu Konfekuto) was released from the "02 from" 1/2000 ship kit collection extra edition battleship Yamato of a lifetime ". When the battleship Yamato Tianyi No. strategy B. Offshore Ver. It becomes ".
Outer box saved, will be with a new blister unopened. There is also a leaflet. Because Tianyi No. strategy, Okinawa suicide strategy was drafted in March of 1945 (implemented on April 6, 2009).
Come to attack the US military from island to island from the south, on April 1, finally Okinawa How can landing to the main island is carried out, and is taken in Okinawa, B-29 is aiming at the mainland from Okinawa since Te come flying, very bad.
Where it collected a move in the fleet can (not move already large ship in the fuel shortage) is Tianyi No. strategy that managed a last attack towards Okinawa.
As the flagship of the battleship Yamato, the light cruiser "Yahagi", destroyers six ships, and sortie in two ships of a total of 10 vessels air defense destroyer. The United States Navy, on the other hand, regular aircraft carrier seven ships, four ships light aircraft carrier, based aircraft 380 aircraft, six ships battleships, destroyers many. Interceptor was put the war force that.
Yamato is not even able to see the enemy fleet will sink in the overwhelming majority of the air strike.
What I said, and in too many also enemy too is feeling, not helpless. Because the water line model, does not have the lower part of the waterline. This is the time to make a diorama, because there is no need. From Mokeiya's only Nokkeru come to buy Tamiya of acrylic sea level plates (1200 yen per sheet), is handy diorama of vessels that go the ocean!
  Even without separately buy a sea plate, to the old days was making the sea surface by spraying the blue aluminum foil, which was spread in the crumpled, out fairly mood just Nokkeru on top of the blue vinyl (Toka bag of animate) you. In addition, I think that may be printed to download because there is a sea level that reproduces the wave pattern to Efutoizu of the home page (http://www.f-toys.net/navykit/papercraft.htmlDoes not fly when you click in the specification of Yahoo! Auctions, please copy and paste the address). The best part of the water line, that put together the fleet. Battleship or aircraft carrier on top of the sea level, and arranging the destroyer very, I get the feeling. Since Furuharu model that is made to the ship bottom decorate the pedestal, but is good as a decoration, I yo romance of one more. ◆ hobby of the battleship Yamato (number one strategy when the heaven: 1945)
  1937 November 4, as a battleship with a gun in history strongest of 46cm, battleship Yamato will be laid down.
Since the commission was of is 1941 December 16, after four years, does not have time for the Pearl Harbor attack.
The Yamato at the time to do not have radar on the rangefinder of the bridge, it had a sub-gun of 3 twin also to the left and right of the bridge. It is a complete fleet decisive battle specification.
But during the Yamato 4 has been built year, the aircraft progressed significantly, regular aircraft carrier of large also commissioned one after another, than the fleet decisive battle is more of air attacks by the aircraft carrier task force came the mainstream ( tired, but we have had dictated turned the attack on Pearl Harbor six aircraft carrier).
Than shoot the enemy ship with battleship also a huge gun, is better to protect themselves from enemy aircraft came become important.
Equipped with Densagu in Yamato May also 1943. 1944 February to remove the sub-gun next to the bridge in, equipped with six a 12.7cm twin high-angle guns. Furthermore, in the repair and renovation from 1944 November, 25mm cannon has been equipped with a large amount of. This will be the Yamato of the final state in which the familiar even in the movies.
Overall length in 1/2000 is 13cm. Parts in already fully painted, coalescing the Kansoko part-ship body, gun and Vice gun, then insert the assembly and catapult Crane of the bridge structure. Since the part number is a about 20, I think that nor is it intended as referred to as a plastic model. However, I think it is better to use the art knife when disconnected from the runner since the parts in 1/2000 is small. May be able to a deck and bridge structures, such as even this size, mold also contains the definition. The first sheet of photo, blister and the box and the leaflet
  The second piece of photographs, assembled sample. 3rd photos, leaflets.
◆ About shipping.
Non-standard-size mail220 yenIn it is going to send it out (you can put a package tracking possible specific recorded in net yen +160).
If you wish a specific record, please let us know from the message column of dealings Navi.
Since the non-standard-size mail compensation does not stick, it is also can ship by a Yu-pack (becomes higher, but ...)
Wrapped in bubble wrap, shipping schedule in the envelope.
● Yu-Pack (60 size)
[Nagasaki Prefecture] 810 yen (Nagasaki Prefecture)
[Hokkaido] 1540 yen (Hokkaido)
[Northeast] 1540 yen (Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Miyagi, Fukushima)
[Kanto] 1300 yen (Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi)
[Shin-Etsu] 1300 yen (Niigata, Nagano)
[Hokuriku] 1100 yen (Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui)
[Tokai] 1100 yen (Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie)
[Kinki] 970 yen (Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama)
[China] 870 yen (Tottori, Okayama, Shimane, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi)
[Shikoku] 970 yen (Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Kochi)
[Kyushu] 870 yen (Fukuoka, Saga, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima)
[Okinawa] 1030 yen (Okinawa)
- Yu-pack is marked with compensation.
And time zone can be specified.
- Luggage can be tracked.
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Since it has sent variously to the other, shipping will be profitable than send into pieces and shipped (I also dispatch work is to it easy! Also acceptable reserve)
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