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◆Itoigawa production◆Jerusalem artichoke tea 3G×6 into 1 bag, you can also powder 40g×1 bag, artichoke chips 50g×1 bag◆Jerusalem artichoke 100%★additive-free growing period of organic★
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Current price ¥1,850 $19
Start price ¥1,850 $19
Buy-now ¥1,850 $19
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller jatskomecome +56
Condition New
Start time 2020-02-24T21:32:26+09:00
End time 2020-02-27T11:52:05+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number p742756855
Seller position Niigata Prefecture

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Jerusalem artichoke tea 3G×6 into 1 bag, you can also powder 40g×1 bag, artichoke chips 50g×1 bag◆
The intestinal environment so♪bowel use it.. ★
★Additive-free Jerusalem artichoke 100%★
★During the growing period, organic★
What let's roll]
Like this do I I♂
Everyone, have fun with I~
Overeat not since
Eating too much of the map is Jerusalem artichoke chips so I was
Jerusalem Artichoke, which is the main component of inulin, carbohydrate absorption of to suppress the role is,no!So I.
Easy-to-eat chips, improve the most!
Crunchy, crispy delicious No~I would love the most! No!
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【Lonely mouth and subjected to introduction of roll]
Poly Poly Poly Poly....
I and it depends only I I
Jerusalem artichoke chips or Jerusalem artichoke evenly in slices approximately 20 hours heart to dry I was!
The material is Jerusalem artichoke only,a really simple process, from the raw Jerusalem artichoke in ingredients,energy and concentration and even extravagant, and not to non-oil, non-fried, no additives, please do!
After school snack, and sake, from kids to adults in a wide range of generations can enjoy. I love it
Support support,everyone eating in the body to lighten I was
Taken from,can not stand,
I eat a little I I.
Not only have I♪
File support I just don't haveいぬハートぴかぴかひかる.
Not everyone in Jerusalem artichoke tea so I just don't
Tea bags pour hot water on only,the intake can not音符楽しい.
Almost always the tumbler you have to put IハートぴかぴかひかるMost of the sweet, cold winter particularly on the body stain across the I~
By 2020, and work's, with no health and also beauty game you will not!!
【Jerusalem artichoke is the seven-faced bird of the roll]
Jerusalem artichoke powder,Jerusalem artichoke 100%, please do!
Jerusalem artichoke Only can this powder,or what kind of food to suit also easy to inulin taking it so I was
I in the morning, Rice in the yogurt for lunch, ramen for the night, the rice in Curry favorite that I have
In 2020, the intestines and utilized in hacking and not just so I
I'm also up to you I
Mom more
All of my handmade ragged.
You can also grow the time period organic is raised.
I the moat from immediately to 4 degrees, rinse immediately dried for 2 days in the chips is completed
Additives and spices are not used.
Of Jerusalem artichoke material, only the sweetness is earthy and taste.
It is served on, or cooking, please use.
The pizza toppings and salad the most delicious I(^^♪
Plant fiber is rich in, constipation is recommended to eat, too, and not loose you..
The local farmers market, it also did not work..
Chips are handmade, so uneven in.......
Inulin peculiar redness and there.
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