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Two kinds of sand for Okaya Dokari! (Specially made. High quality .. A total of 5kg) Natural seawater set
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,800 $15
Start price ¥1,800 $15
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yadokari_company +3782
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-07T20:35:00+09:00
End time 2023-01-09T22:32:53+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q1052572316
Seller position Okinawa Prefecture

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@Description of item
Two kinds of sand for Okaya Dokari! (Specially made. High quality .. A total of 5kg) Natural seawater set
We will deliver from Okinawa
Answer your request .. Popular special @ sand and high quality @ sand .. Total 5kg
It is a 2 -piece set of natural seawater (one 500ml bottle). After a successful bid, please tell us a total of 5 kg of the type of sand.
(Example 3kg+high quality 2kg .. Total 5kg)
@ Sand is independently researched. I tried and errored and came up with this sand. Specially made @ Sand is fine sand, so @ is easy to dive and is a little moist when it is a little moist.
Become a sand. I think it is perfect for molting, etc.
High quality @ sand contains a lot of small shells, shellfish fragments, etc., and slightly coarse coral
It's sand. @ The playground? I recommend it to ... In addition, it is "with stars!"
Please look for it. (image)
Both are special blends that have plenty of natural seawater and dried natural sunshine
Therefore, plenty of minerals! @ I'm overjoyed
If you use it, you will notice the difference. Oka @ is the same as when he was born, but from the living environment
It seems that the dependence on seawater is high. When it's always difficult ..
Please give it! I think you will be pleased
If you are worried about it recently, please try it.. @ Sand is chemical. Tap water, etc., so I do not use it at all, so do not wash it with confidence.
Please use it as it is. We will pack 1 kg and ship in a 5kg set.
The roughness of the sand grains is only this size (fine. Slightly rough), and the roughness of the grain.
Cannot be specified. Please give me a bid after understanding.
(The salt concentration of the sand is squall rain when drying natural sun.
Is it just right? Beach. It seems that the concentration is close to the habitat)
2 -piece set with great maintenance seawater .. Please try it!
(Seawater container is a reused PET bottle. Please understand)
(Shipping fee ... If you consider it, multiple successful bids.@ Wearing date and time of arrival, when multiple successful bids, additional orders information @(With this transaction navigation function alone, it is not possible to contact or confirm other detailed specifications such as landing date).
The desired date of arrival or ordered orders. Other consultations, etc. will be the case by the "Trading Message" after the successful bid.
Thank you for contacting us.
When contacting after a successful bid, enter the "Transaction Message" field under the transaction information and press [Send].
In addition, the bidding schedule will be scheduled for the future. Details of transactions at the time of additional orders will be detailed in the above "Trading Message", etc.
Please confirm, the designated arrival date.
(We will settle together and send the same packing)
Basically, we ask for the desired date and time of arrival and send it off, but if you cannot confirm it.
It will be shipped as soon as it is prepared after payment is confirmed (around 2 days or later)..@sendYamato Takkyubin@PaymentYahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts@ About price and packing packing specificationsSuccess bid price + shipping fee will be total amount
Shipping fee. For fare, Okinawa -landing size guideline (60 size charges)HerePlease check with. The shipping cost is slightly different in the prefecture to deliver. We will tell you after confirming the contact
Because it is equipped with air flights, we will basically ship "by paid". Thank you for your understanding.
The packaging of the living body uses a foam container with little temperature change throughout the year, and the seasonal items such as heat retention materials according to landing.
I will use it and pack it. In addition, multiple successful bids.
Successful bid. Discount benefits, etc. are available depending on the contents of the ordered product, the number of living organizations, etc. (also listed on the HP)
In that case, please contact us in advance.@NotesBasically shipped Okinawa morning → It can be delivered from the morning the next day, but arrived the next day
Regarding areas that cannot be done, we will consult about shipping. We may cancel.
(Remote islands. Except for a part of Hokkaido, you can arrive in the morning the next day!)
If the successful bid product is a living body, ship it if any abnormality or change is seen.
It may be postponed or canceled
We will send you thoroughly, but due to the characteristics of the product, the replacement of the exchange by color, the pattern, the size, wound, etc.
I can not do it (normal time), so please give me a bid after understanding.. @ @ @ @ HP, freshwater -based living body, oka @ SP color living body. Original breeding supplies. Set ... etc.
We introduce a lot. It is also possible to deliver the same packing as a successful bid product. Please contact us.Here it is.
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