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⇒ Quick decision! Free shipping! Anonymous! Learn in Constitutional Description: Law School / Constitutional Lecture Noriyuki Inoue Koyama Goyama Motoichi Coupon Difficulty Inspired by the Lowest Prices
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"Listen to Constitutional Science: Law School / Constitutional Lecture"
Noriyuki Inoue / Tsuyoshi Koyama / Ichi Yamamoto
Contents (from "MARC" database)
As a material, we ask 15 people who are presenting their views in specific areas from researchers leading the Constitutional Society, based on the constitutional theory of constitutional areas as a material.. A summary of the dialogue published in the "Law Seminar" and the three -way talk by the editor. Author abbreviation
Noriyuki Inoue
Born in 1960. Graduated from Kobe University Faculty of Law in 1983
1996 Doctor (Law). After working as a professor at the Faculty of Law, Osaka Gakuin University, Assistant Professor, Kobe University Faculty of Law, Professor of the Graduate School of Law at Kobe University since 2000.
Tsuyoshi Koyama
Born in 1960. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law, Keio University. After working as an assistant professor at Meijo University Faculty of Law and Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Law, Keio University, since 2004
Born in 1961. Graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Political Science, Waseda University in 1984, completed a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Law in 1992, and Dr. (Law). After working as a visiting researcher at Paris No. 1 and Niigata University Faculty of Law, etc., since 2002, the Graduate School of Law, Tohoku University
Thank you for your interest in the product. I often lower the price, so I would be grateful if you add it to the "watch list". This product is an old book purchased at a closed sale more than 10 years ago. Please refrain from bidding for those who seek the same condition as new. However, there is no hindrance to reading. Isn't it a book that is rarely exhibited?
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Ask the Constitutional theory (Law School / Constitutional Lecture) Noriyuki Inoue / Hen Tsuyoshi Koyama / Hen Kazuyama
Ask the Constitutional theory (Law School / Constitutional Lecture) Noriyuki Inoue / Hen Tsuyoshi Koyama / Hen Kazuyama
Ask the Constitutional theory (Law School / Constitutional Lecture) Noriyuki Inoue / Hen Tsuyoshi Koyama / Hen Kazuyama
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