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Yamano grass, vitiligo, edible Miyuoga,
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,000 $15
Start price ¥2,000 $15
Buy-now ¥2,000 $15
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller premium_2400 +1006
Condition New
Start time 2023-06-02T21:40:10+09:00
End time 2023-06-04T03:09:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number q1091732771
Seller position Saitama

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From Japan
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Yamano grass,Vitsuet, edible Mayoga, 3 books, As it has increased, I will exhibit it, I will check, judge, judge, and lower it on May 27.. Thank you.
・ Since only the image will be judged, please look carefully and check it after confirming..
・ There may be some differences between the actual item and the photo from the shooting environment.. People who are sensitive should not look.
・ Plants change every day. Please note that the condition may change between the exhibition and arrival..
・ Please consider the pots as dirt and small scratches..
- I need your help by a no claim and a no return.
・ We do not accept returns, refunds, exchanges, etc..
・ We will ship by Yamato flight in 1-2 days after payment is confirmed.. If you have a date and time, please contact the desired date and time..
・ Sorry to trouble you, but if you receive the product, please be sure to contact us for [receiving input] from the transaction navigation..
・ If there is any damage to the product at the time of arrival, please contact the delivery company as soon as possible after opening.. If you have time, you may not be eligible for compensation..
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