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Free shipping fee 引可 prompt decision "glasses to companion hearing aid 1 discount coupon 2020 December 31, pet shareholders tickets not for sale limited edition out of print goods care COD postal Allowed pet
Auction ends 6 days
Current price ¥980 $11
Start price ¥980 $11
Buy-now ¥1,080 $12
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller m20025m +13358
Condition New
Start time 2020-11-29T20:43:29+09:00
End time 2020-12-06T20:43:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q298877934
Seller position Saitama

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Airline Co., Ltd. Shareholder owned ticket (image is sample) 1 sheet. Expiration date: (Unlike image samples) 2020.12.31◆ "Platform mail" free shipping (product size, it will be packaged and easy packing of envelopes and vinyl).◆ "COD mail (cash on delivery)" etc from the post office is also possible (COD fee is accepted only for the highest bidder who can "settle within 3 days from delivery").◆ successful bidder, the connection for less than 24 hours after a successful bid, as well as, we hope the settlement within three days (except for COD) (If you do not comply, we will "successful bidder convenience cancellation of the" process without notice).◆ "loose people such as communication · settlement (those who can not have a view of the seller's position)" "" New "or" beginner "and about" "" bad "evaluation of the highest bidder convenience" within 100 We will refuse the bid of "2" or more "to" (canceling the bid "cancellation of the highest bidder convenience" without notice if we can not comply). ◆ We will update the time when correspondence etc from us will be delayed by principle more than 24 hours in principle within "self-introduction" (sorry to trouble you, but please also read "self-introduction" before bidding). ◆ Before the end and answer (respond) can not be answered (questions) only for the question of "contents described · details of book etc · arrival time · financial tangle · excluding items"] · Receipt issue is not possible). ◆ Complaints and compensation claims against us / abruptly related to cancellation / claim / discount / refund (returned goods) / message discontinuance / unsettled / disclaimer etc (after unable to arrive / damage of goods after shipment etc) after bidding ◆ We are also not accepting the following evaluation & comment / us outside the transaction etc. ◆ Complaints and compensation · Investigation request / sudden concerning to us concerning cancellation / claim / discount · refund (returned goods) / message discontinuance / unsettled / exemption etc etc (product unarrival / damage after shipment etc) after bidding ◆ We will refuse strictly the above evaluation & comment / other than such non-transactions of us personal information, such as "neither". Please also visit other exhibits, if very well.マイ・オークションをごらんください《To other sellers》 Please refrain from copying the product title / description etc.
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