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[Fast delivery] clear leather gurus [very] 250g ~ German-born, the ultimate leather wax -
Auction ends 21 hours
Current price ¥1,630 $17
Start price ¥1,630 $17
Buy-now ¥2,130 $22
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ldlvc72268 +422
Condition New
Start time 2020-09-20T19:54:01+09:00
End time 2020-09-21T19:54:01+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number q345532470
Seller position Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes
Clear leather-born master [very] 250g ~ Germany, the ultimate leather wax -
The main material: leather
Country of origin: Japan
Weight: 250g
Material Material: beeswax, jojoba oil, petroleum jelly, lanolin
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes
◆ Please be sure to check before bidding ◆
◆ Thank you for viewing page!
Start with the aim of exhibitor to the successful bidder can trade with confidence!
Fast things in 10 years after past dealings 6,000 or more ♪
Quick polite dispatch procedure within the basic 24 hours the good items
♪ has our willing to try to highest bidder
Payment is convenient for the highest bidder
Yahoo! easy settlement of fees
In simple settlement,
Credit card convenience store payment
Bank transfer · Paypay can be selected
(You can pay for free without Kakekara fee separately)
◆ You can basic payment and on the same day
It is characterized by entering the dispatch procedure. Also from the past of the successful bidder
We are appreciated the quick response. ◆ If you have any such questions about payment and goods
Do not hesitate, please ask a question with a question or dealings Navi
◆ price and quantity of the exhibit can not be changed
Your negotiation after a question or a successful bid Please refrain from
Commodity price + shipping
Please deposit.
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes
★ postage nationwide uniform 1300 yen ★
(Extra shipping costs in the case of two or more successful bids. Visit the page below)
It will be sent directly from the warehouse that individual has a contract. ◆ Japan Post (Yu-Yu packet)
◆ Yamato Transport (courier service)
It is a shipping timetable in or Tochira. By delivery region is
There might be another delivery company. (Overseas shipping, post office stop, Yamato office stop is not available)
I can not specify the delivery company / delivery method. ◆ to select a delivery company in the shipping agency of the warehouse,
Designation of the trader and delivery method can not be received. (I will not respond even if you specify after a successful bid. )
◆ With respect to the specified delivery time, you do not hear. Instead, we arrange for it to arrive first
Please make adjustments with your absence.
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes
◆ encounter before the Yahoo auction and more than 10 years
From the successful bidder from there
"It was good to choose"
We are allowed various addressed in order to receive think. So that each other can be pleasant dealings
Please bid after consent to the following ask. ◆ If there is dissatisfaction with respect to the postage
Please do not bid. If such a language there is in the message
Please note that you do business cancel by the highest bidder convenience. ◆ even after the two days after a successful bid when there is no connection is
It will be treated as canceled by the customer convenience Please note. ◆ but we do inspection by staff,
By any chance, we will carry out correspondence if there is initial failure. ◆ Issuance of receipt is not supported. Receipt will be used instead of printing on the screen of simple settlement, which has been confirmed by the tax office. ◆ other than the sale of such methods and how to set use of the product
Follow-up support is not done. Please contact the manufacturer, etc. ◆ reason other than the initial failure
(Different as I thought, I do not know how to use)
Please bid on your note because not all be supported, such as returned goods in the. ◆ guarantee (security) that is attached is the "manufacturer" guarantee (security). We do not guarantee. (Example: 〇 months assurance and 1940 guarantee)
◆ If the tracking number does not reach even after a lapse of five days from the dispatch notification
Here we will check so please tell us. ◆ any chance, even if we mail accidents, such as breakage and non-delivery has occurred, I do not assume any responsibility. Since the information at the time of shipment will give you all, thank you to contact us by the successful bidder your own post office to (Yamato). ◆ for other goods shipped
Same day successful bid commodity only two points onward shipping 1100 yen
A commodity only successful bid = 1300 yen
A commodity only two successful bid = 2400 yen
A commodity B makes a successful bid for the commodity, shipped = 1300 + 1100 = 2400 yen
A Product B Product C makes a successful bid for the commodity, shipped = 1300 + 1100 + 1100 = 3500 yen
Once your payment from a successful bid day is delayed for more than 5 days
It will be treated as canceled Please note.
I have sent it elsewhere. Please have a look, if very well
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