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Baby Hand -shaped Handling Ink Reduced Ink Rest Ink Ink Ink Bill Hand Included Stamp Football Stamp Set Pet Pick Blue
Auction ends 11 hours
Current price ¥700 $6
Start price ¥700 $6
Buy-now ¥700 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller avhkj11706 +178
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-30T21:00:27+09:00
End time 2023-02-02T18:00:26+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number r1045246190
Seller position Aichi-ken

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From Japan
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Size (stamp part): Approximately 9.5cm in height x about 5.7cm
Color: Blue
I want to keep a bill in commemoration, but I think many people seem difficult to add ink to a baby who doesn't stay still.. This product only puts your hands and feet on the ink sheet, so
It will reproduce even fine wrinkles without getting dirty (^^)
Ideal for children from 0 months to 6 months. How to use (molding explanation)
◎ Please wipe off your baby's limbs before preparing the stamp.. 1. Remove the product from the bag and prepare a special drawing paper.. 2. Put the stamp part from the transparent box. 3. Set the part described as STOP on the drawing paper to the bottom.. 4. Gently press the baby's hands and legs in the stamp frame.. 5. Slowly peel off the stamp from the paper to see if the shape is removed.. 6. Set the next paper as it is and repeat the same procedure.. (You can get up to the second time)
* After the third time, the ink will be thinner, but if you take it for the third time, please prepare another paper. 7. After the ink dries, cut the special drawing paper so that it matches the size of the photo stand, and put it in your favorite photo stand.. ※please note※
* There is no explanation on the main unit, so please check here. * Be sure to clean your child's limbs after using this product.
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