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Hydrogen water Original and tap water only · A high concentration of 1 year for every day
Auction ends 14 hours
Current price ¥1,100 $11
Start price ¥1,100 $11
Buy-now ¥1,100 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller hontoniyasui +1806
Condition New
Start time 2021-09-25T19:12:16+09:00
End time 2021-09-26T19:12:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number r367764913
Seller position Tokyo

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Two pieces of hydrogen water can be made daily for one year
Two pieces of hydrogen water can be made daily for one year

Two pieces of hydrogen water can be made daily for one year

free shipping
FreshUltra-high-concentrationHydrogen waterYou can make your own.2 pieces
With fecal impaction excretion health food
(Leave a bang in the cleansing of the intestine)
Carry around everywhere a fresh.
Hydrogen water per 500 ml in a very expensive
Has been television sold in at about 500 yen.
500 ml two minutes a day three times
You can make it about two years.
A next to nothing
Ultra-highest high concentration hydrogen water
Our feature is possible to adjust the concentration to the saturation state
Japan's quality, challenge the inexpensiveness
(Hydrogen is always freshly prepared, it can carry fresh hydrogen water at saturation)
ButYou can easily make just put in plastic bottles
Clean because the extra container there is no
Once a week, you can only wash immersing the hydrogen water of the original citric acid (vinegar).
Purchaser of voice
We were surprised to good quality.
I can use this, if two years.
Tens of thousands of yen paying I bought the instrument but disappointed thin hydrogen concentration.
This thing is was good can be adjusted concentration is up to the saturation.
Is a big satisfaction to the hydrogen concentration of the extent that PET bottles swells.
Although very happy was skeptical because too cheap.
This product isYahoo auc! All-in-one listing tool "Oak Town"It is sent at.
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