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★ Free Shipping Aroma Ceramic ultrasonic diffuser humidifier continuous intermittent operation fashionable Asian Nordic
Auction ends over
Current price ¥2,980 $30
Start price ¥2,980 $30
Buy-now ¥2,980 $30
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller top_mart1992 +73355
Condition New
Start time 2020-05-31T08:00:01+09:00
End time 2020-06-02T12:59:18+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number r407831313
Seller position Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Warm touch of pottery unique. In friendly-like texture soothe the feelings,
You can enjoy the warmth and aroma. In ultrasonic that does not use heat,
And aromatic without compromising the original scent of aroma. And the gradient function that changes in seven colors, can be monochromatic color settings. You can also select intermittent operation of repeating the spraying and stop the continuous operation and the mist. 【Product Details】
Rated voltage: DC5V
Power consumption: 5W
Humidification amount: 15ml / h
Size (approximately): Φ9.5 × 20cm
Full water capacity: 80ml
Continuous use time: 6 hours
Adaptation floor area: 15 to 20 square meters
Operating noise: 20dB
Cord length: about 143cm
Weight: about 390g
Accessories: USB code
Material: Ceramic, PP■ mailing cost ... [nationwide uniform0Circle】
※ In the case of some areas, the remote island, there is a case where I am allowed to quote separately. ■ shipped ... [Can be bundledProduct】
In the case of possible bundled, there are times when the carriage is subject to change by the size and weight. In the case of not be bundled, it takes a mailing cost for one piece mouth amount per item.
### pottery aroma KP504 ★ ###
Flow of dealings
1. The end of the auction → bid
After a successful bid, Yahoo! Auctions! From successful bid notification addressed to the highest bidder you will receive by e-mail.
2. Registration to the order form
Except for regular holiday, than "" within 48 hours
We will send the order form URL with the successful bid mail to your registered mail address. Please indicate all the necessary information in the entry form that we have the link from the successful bid mail statement. There is that you contact us from the customer when the report from our company does not reach. Because there is that it is distributed automatically to the "Junk E-mail folder," "Delete folder" "Trash" and the like,
Or before emptying the folders that once received an email please check. In addition, the successful bid mail of the destination will be the e-mail address of the customer you registered to Yahoo! at the time of a successful bid. But it may to your registered e-mail address is omissions and your input mistake,
Successful bid before "confirmation of registration information" following from your check and your change please.Confirmation of registration information from hereIf you even after 48 hours after a successful bid does not reach the successful bid mail,
When dealings on a mobile phone, but I hang you very sorry to trouble,
Please contact us to our email address or "connection bulletin board" than the following requirements. · Successful bid goods
Auction ID
• Customer Yahoo ID
·Postal code
Receiver's address your address
Receiver's address Your name
Your telephone number that can let us know and delivery time to
Destination E-mail address:
How to use a connection bulletin board:
3. Notice of goods dispatch
After shipping products, we will contact you by inquiry number, total payment amount the mail.
Four. Goods arrival
Who was asked to dispatch in cash paid on arrival in cash, please check the goods. If there is a point of notice, please contact a connection bulletin board or
For enclosure and simultaneous dispatch
In order to prevent shipment trouble, a transportation accident, etc.
It has indicated the designation of bundled possible, not to each product. Since the goods with a described as enclosure is impossible in description of item can not be bundled, we will ship by 1 goods 1 packing. In that case, shipping also will take one by one packing, please be forewarned. In addition, can be bundled rates was also in the packing size and weight the commodity, there are times when sending out words is changed. I will consider it as only successful bid on the same day in regard to the packing of goods. In addition, we will consider it as only successful bid on the same day even if you wish the "simultaneous dispatch" of the commodity that can not be bundled. If you wish to enclosure and simultaneous dispatch,
Please contact me in the presence or absence check column of the enclosed order form. And it will be completed the input to order form if in a state in which there is no check in an enclosed hope
Automatically we are allowed to ship treated as a single item. Please note. Please understand that we can not accept layaway is ※. ※ enclosure and simultaneous dispatch of a successful bid goods in separate Yahoo! ID I am afraid that I can not accept. ※ and has included a sister store, commodity successful bid at other stores can not I enclose.
About payment method

※ After an order form input, will be shipped the next business day.
After a successful bid, thank you payment from the following URL. the amount of money for a successful bid does not include consumption tax,
you have to"Amount of money for a successful bid + consumption tax"Please enter the total amount of. ※ after the settlement is confirmed by the Company, will be shipped the next business day. ※ does not complete payment of simple settlement only the input of the order form. After the order form input, we will separately give me the procedure of easy settlement. Once the payment is complete, e-mail to inform you that your in procedure has been completed is automatically sent. We will check thank If you've received the payment completion mail.
About payment amount

The highest bid + postage + consumption tax + cash-on-delivery commission

The highest bid + postage + consumption tax
COD fee will change in the amount of money including a "commodity price + postage + consumption tax". In the case of less than 1 yen to 10,000 yen ..... 300 yen + consumption tax
In the case of less than 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen ..... 400 yen + consumption tax
In the case of less than 100,000 yen more than 30,000 yen ... 600 yen + consumption tax
In the case of more than 100,000 yen ..... 1000 yen + consumption tax
about shipping cost
Please check so we have described in the individual product page. It will separate the additional shipping of the product page description about Hokkaido and Okinawa Prefecture and Tohoku regions. With respect to some areas, such as the island there is a case where I am allowed to quote separately,
In addition, large product Please note that there is what can not be delivered.
Regarding delivery
We will ship by specifying a shipping company in our shop from Sagawa Express, Seino Transportation Fukuyama Transporting. Except such as part of the cash-on-delivery delivery impossible region, you can not specify the shipping company in principle customers. In advance, please contact us by e-mail I correspond so as much as possible if you wish the office stop.
About returned goods and exchange
Always after the commodity arrival, please check whether there is any malfunction or damage to the goods. Should, If you have any initial failure, etc., please contact us by e-mail First ( or a connection bulletin board. With the exception of the goods which have the warranty period the product page,
Initial failure and exchange and returned goods other than the damage you contact us within 7 days after the delivery to the can not be heard. When exchange correspondence is possible, refund, etc. As a general rule I do not accept your. Burden and return arrangements of cost required for the exchange will be our shop. Will be replaced as soon as possible if there is a stock of goods, if the product is missing and we will respond by full refund, etc. In the case of returned goods by initial failure or damage, and the amount of money we will be charged from the customer a full refund. However, please note that the guarantee fee, compensation, etc. exceeding the range can not pay in any case. In addition, even if the goods are faulty, there is a return in a different product or the like
Are you return the item if you can not receive without Contact us. Returned goods for the sake of a visitor's convenience (image difference, etc.) can not be accepted.
About evaluation
I will enter the evaluation of dealings thank after shipping products. After a successful bid, unnecessary evaluation of the successful bidder asks you for the description of the "evaluation unnecessary" in the order form demand column.
Other notes

We will not be able to issue a receipt from our shop to your COD. Please use that shipping company like the invoice is because it becomes a tax office approved of formal receipt. It should be noted that the amount of the receipt will be the total amount of commodity price and consumption tax, shipping COD. It does not the issue of the receipt as a rule when you use the Yahoo! simple settlement. When you pay by credit card will be taken as a receipt with the usage details received from the card company.

The cancellation after a successful bid, returned or exchanged other than the defective product cancellation and bid cancellation, etc.,
Not received in regard to the cancellation of the successful bid commodity. Also performed at the time that we had to check your email in relation to cancellation of the tender, but not outside the end that day and business hours. You understand and can not be any cancellation, the case of a bid is enough to please bid on the check.

Inventory management, but every effort has been made regarding the update of product information,
In such case the time lag or order at the time of update is concentrated there may be out of stock occurs. In that case, though very selfish to contact us to that effect by e-mail, there is a thing which I am allowed to consider it as cancellation. Like, we ask you can acknowledge it beforehand.
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