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[Trading cards] Free Shipping ● ● Horikoshi Nori [autograph with a sign] 3 types
Auction ends 4 days
Current price ¥1,000 $11
Start price ¥1,000 $11
Buy-now ¥1,000 $11
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller stationphoo1 +3592
Condition Used
Start time 2020-08-09T21:55:12+09:00
End time 2020-08-15T21:55:12+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number r415489683
Seller position Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture Salt-grilled

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[Toreka] ● free shipping ● Horikoshi Nori [autographed] 70collecrara 1999/07collecara 1999/154checklist01, sweepstakes, lottery, limited edition, publisher, book name is unknown
Because it was stored in the state / vinyl, it is good (please understand if there is a slight damage due to manufacturing or hand marks and normal loading and exit)
○07collecara 1999: It is not a thread, but there is also a place where the original magic is thin, trading card idol talent card. Only this item, it will correspond at the shipping price of mini letter and other postal shipment. If you need a missing warranty, please specify a separate shipping fee ta-q-bin.. (In the case of multiple successful bids for free shipping items, it will be bundled, and there is a case where shipping is also included with other shipping separate items that take shipping). We ship envelopes simple with a mount and put them in drip-proof OPP vinyl.

※ Because of the used goods other than the new description, but we have also described in some scratches, etc. as long as there is no oversight, after understanding that it is used goods and used books, please bid. Appendix we have is described in check in the range to understand, but please ask in a question whether you think those things are not there is no description There you because even if you overlook the separate and First Press Limited, etc. ※ Yahoo! Auctions specifications can now be retrieved from the new exhibition list. Check the right side of the exhibitor information / exhibitor list / left-hand side of the search condition / category. Or it is displayed at the bottom of each exhibit you will be able to click in the category and you can see the same list of categories in our shop. Also it will be searched to select the top of the category / product name. Us [○○○] and we have as much as possible to Shinawake. (Note: Talent photo books are fine in the category of books and magazines, but nude photo books, etc. will not be searched unless other /adult.)

Please visit because other many are exhibiting.

Please be sure to read it

Dealings matter after a successful bid will be sent immediately after a successful bid "Yahoo e-mail bid notification" of "the message from an exhibitor" on looking Do not miss here and since they are already described in the column, your successful bid Navi thank you to contact. If you are not a hurry, you do not have to be automatic notification is gotten to ignore from here if it is good after a few days because I am allowed to contact you. We will trouble apologize but we ask your understanding give us as. If you do not want to evaluate it, please contact us at the time of the first contact (there is also the case of the evaluation after settlement confirmation) (Note) In the case of easy transaction specification, it will be basically a detailed contact from the customer.. ※ In the case of easy transaction specification, please add the desired shipping fee after looking at the product description column, or in the case of delivery method of free shipping compatible products it is OK with ¥0. In particular, in the case of multiple successful bids other than free shipping compatible products, please wait for payment to the shipping confirmation contact..

With the dispatch method and a mailing costFree shipping display correspondence Yu mail kuroneko mail service We are listed separately in the exhibition explanation column. (There is no missing compensation because it is post-posting.). Post office closure or Yamato Transport Center can be fastened by the carrier.. )If you need compensation, please specify the courier service of the paid postage.. ○Other than books (electromagnetic recording media such as DVDs and videos/ goods and other accessories) We are listed separately in the exhibition explanation column.Yamato courier service (with tracking number, with compensation, time of day and date specified)Honshu Uniform ¥900
Hokkaido, Shikoku and Kyushu ¥1100
Okinawa Main Island ¥2000
Remote Island Postal Pack Delivery
YesWe basically do not handle postal packs and non-standard mail.please noteWe recommend ta-q-bin with compensation for high-value items such as Premier.. (Although it has hardly occurred, please understand that we cannot take responsibility for missing clothes, etc. in cases other than TA-Q-BIN.). )In the case of postal mailUnlike other companies, there is no luggage tracking number, so if you need it, please specify Yamato TA-Q-BIN.. ○ If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions etc. (we may not be able to answer on the day of the successful bid or on holidays)Please bid on understanding because we have a flat shipping system according to the type and weight.
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